5 Superpowers of Coconut Water

young coconut on the tree

Young Coconut in Costa Rica

It has been established that when you’re active you need to stay hydrated, the best source of hydration has been argued by many. Sports drinks have long tried to capitalize on the well known phrase, “electrolyte replacement” but do they really get the job done? If so, at what cost? Humans have tried to improve on what nature has to offer time and time again, but we’re seeing a trend that is swinging back to organic offerings. There is a reason why Hawaiians call coconut water “Dew from the Heavens.” Coconut water, milk, and oil has been the source of many new proclamations from combating bacteria, treating cancer or hangovers, and preventing kidney stones to anti-aging. This article is focused solely on what coconut water can do for you. The water is found and harvested from younger green coconuts. As the coconut matures it turns yellow then brown and the water is absorbed into the meat, leaving the middle cavity dry.

Electrolyte Replacement—For Athletes, Hangovers, and Viruses
“Fresh unpasteurized coconut water is nature’s best electrolyte replacement. Drinking fresh water is important because the coconut water that has been mass produced is required to be pasteurized which will pasteurize out most of it’s benefits.” Dr. Cynthia Preston (Naturopathic Doctor with Hudavis Wellness). Coconut water has less calories, sugar, and sodium and more potassium than a sports drink. It also doesn’t have any chemicals unlike it’s counterpart. Professional tennis player John Isner swears by the stuff, “It is super hydrating and has kept me going in long matches and prevented me from cramping even in the hottest and most humid conditions.”  Most Americans don’t get enough potassium in their diets since they don’t eat enough fruits and veggies so coconut water helps satisfy that need.

Prevents and Treats Heat Exhaustion
Whether you’re feeling the beginnings of heat exhaustion such as: headache, fatigue, and irritability or have full blown heat stroke, coconut water should be in your treating arsenal. You will replace vital fluid loss and dehydration while simultaneously replenishing the balance of electrolytes. Potassium is vitally important and often under-appreciated. In fact, in other countries they actually administered coconut water intravenously to treat dehydration and heat stroke. Coconut water is sterile when it comes out of the coconut and has a similar composition to human blood plasma.

It’s the potassium and sodium balance that runs your heart and every other muscle in your body. The movement of each electrolyte could be compared to the movement of the pistons in your car. Without either electrolyte you’re not conducting the electric impulses that fires the muscles. I’m sure you’ve been told to eat a banana when you’ve had muscle cramps. That’s because bananas are high in potassium. Well, your parents and friends should’ve been telling you to drink coconut water all of those years because one serving has more than 4x the potassium that’s found in a banana.

Healthy Fats that Lower Your Blood Pressure
A recent study showed that 71% of those who drank coconut water lowered their blood pressure! The high potassium, magnesium and arginine are to thank. An increase in potassium and magnesium has been shown to decrease blood pressure and amino acid, arginine lowers your blood pressure by dilating your arteries slightly by increasing nitrous oxide levels.

Coconut water has a healthy dose of cytokinins. Cytokinins (plant hormones) are known to have properties that fight cancer, aging, and blood clots. The plant hormones regulate the growth, development, and aging of a plant and therefore have been found to slow down the aging of cells in humans.

Most Americans are found to have an acidic state with the current common diets. The alkalizing effect of coconut water helps balance the pH level in your body which can keep bacteria at bay. It’s also found to enhance your skin health through repairing elasticity, age spots, and wrinkles in addition to improving your ability to heal wounds. The vitamins and minerals have been shown to enhance eye health (cataracts, glaucoma)

Energy Powerhouse
This deceptively clear liquid is packed with amino acids, minerals, electrolytes, and digestive enzymes. It even has the elusive B vitamins that have been proven to increase your energy levels. This translates to high octane fuel for your body. Professional athletes around the world have been using this drink to keep them going in marathons, bike races, tennis matches, ultra races and more. Many have shared they add a touch of sea salt, others add a scoop of protein powder to turn it into a recovery drink.

Regardless of your activity, alcoholic intake, health, or pH level, coconut water has gifts for your body. If you live in an area with coconut palms and you’re not taking advantage, you’re aging unnecessarily! You can find trimmed young coconuts at many healthful stores across the globe. Accessing the coconut can be tough, but with a drill, or this hand device you can easy make a hole big enough for a straw or to pour into a glass or blender. Enjoy!

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