6 Non-Toy Gift Ideas for Kids



Christmas shopping for a kid can be surprisingly difficult. You’d think it would be easy: just head to the local toy store and shop the aisles upon aisle of shiny new toys. But when you really think about it, the kids in your life probably have more toys than they know what to do with. It’s almost guaranteed that they have a whole stack of toys that no longer get any playtime. Do they really need another Barbie/toy car/noisy thingamagig? Probably not.

This holiday season, step away from the toy store and gift your favorite kiddos with something that they’ll truly treasure. Here are a few ideas to help you tackle your list.

A Ticket to Fun
There are so many kid-centric shows that no matter the child’s age or interests, there’s definitely something out there for them. From singalong concerts to interactive plays to children’s author readings, the sky really is the limit.

Don’t limit yourself to kids-only events: tickets to the ball game are great for a sports-loving kid, and tickets to a musical with enthrall a budding singer or dancer.

A Meal to Remember
Kids will be kids, but it can be a lot of fun for them to go out for a more grown up treat. Invite the kid out for a nice fancy dinner in town. Get them gussied up, teach them about the food, and heck—treat them to a Sherry Temple. A fancy night out will make the kid feel like a million bucks.

The Colors of the Rainbow
If you’ve got a budding artist on your hands, believe us: there is no gift more precious than a pack of fresh markers and a sturdy pad of white paper. Seek out gifts that will inspire the child to be creative. Other options include craft kits or musical instruments—just make sure you double check with the parents before dropping off that new drum set.

A One-of-a-Kind Experience
Kids with siblings will really appreciate a special one-on-one activity that shines the spotlight on them. Gift them a certificate for a unique experience that they can redeem at any time, and pair it with a little memento: a day at the zoo (with a tiny toy animal), a picnic in the park (with a bag of sweets), a day at the amusement park (with a swanky pair of sunglasses)…the possibilities are endless.

Books, Books, Books
Expand your loved little one’s personal library with a brand new book. Pick out your own childhood favorite, or just browse the kids’ section at the local bookstore. Sharing the gift of reading is the ultimate present; you can even offer to assist at the book’s inaugural reading. Inscribe the book with a personal message for that extra special touch.

Another option to look into is a subscription to a magazine for kids. As a child, there’s nothing better than getting mail—this is the gift that keeps on giving.

The Gift of Learning
Check in to see if the child in your life has been begging to learn the violin or is curious about skating lessons, and treat them by signing them up for a class or lessons pertaining to their hobby of choice. One day workshops are a great way to introduce them to a new interest.

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