6 Things To Do With a Frisbee

Fernando Soares / Hemera / thinkstock.com

Fernando Soares / Hemera / thinkstock.com

Inexpensive. Lightweight. Easy to slip into almost any bag.

When the modern day flying disc was introduced in 1938, who could have known that it would become a beloved pastime for park-dwellers and beach-goers everywhere? If there is such thing as the ultimate beach toy, it has to be a Frisbee.

When most people think about Frisbees, they think about the simple act of tossing the disc back and forth between two or more people. While this classic game is always a sure bet, there are so many other entertaining ways to employ a Frisbee. From the casual to the complex, the two-man (or even solo) game to the team sport, here are a few of our favorite things to do with a Frisbee.

Frisbee Golf
There’s a good chance that a Frisbee golf course is popping up somewhere in the woods near you. Frisbee golf (sometimes called frolf or disc golf) is quite similar to regular golf, except golf balls are replaced with discs and holes are swapped for baskets. The goal is to get your disc inside the basket in as few tosses as possible.

No Frisbee golf course near you? No worries—you can build your own makeshift course, fashioning a basket out of a pail or basic laundry basket. Frisbee golf can be played with as many players as you want, provided that each person has their own disc. It can even be played solo!

Frisbee Baseball
Frisbee baseball is a novel interpretation on the classic game. A major bonus of this game is that anyone who understands the rules of baseball will catch on quickly. The concept is the same, except there is no pitcher. Whoever is “at bat” throws in Frisbee into the field of play, and games takes off as per usual.

Frisbee Bowling
Set up a few lightweight bottles and begin target practice. Take aim, and fire off your Frisbee towards the targets. There are many ways to win this game: whoever knocks down all of the ‘pins’ in the fewest amount of tosses, whoever downs the most ‘pins’ in a single toss, etc.

Ultimate Frisbee
Ultimate is a team sport that has picked up some serious traction since its inception in the 1960’s. Case in point: many college campuses now have an official varsity ultimate team.

With a pick-up ultimate game, you can choose how easy or intense to take it. Don’t forget to brush up on the rules of ultimate: some people take it very seriously!

It’s dodgeball meets Frisbee: set up two teams on a dodgeball-like court. A thrower from one team tosses the disc into the other team’s court. If the Frisbee lands out of bounds, the defensive team gets a point. If the defensive team fails to catch the Frisbee, the offensive team scores a point. If the defensive team catches the toss, nobody scores.

Entertain Your Pooch
It’s no secret that most dogs enjoy a game of Frisbee as much—or even more than—their owners. A Frisbee is an obvious accessory for a game of fetch, but it can also serve as a makeshift water dish when your dog is ready to take a break (provided, of course, that your pooch hasn’t punctured any over-enthusiastic holes in the plastic).

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