8 Reasons That Autumn Isn’t So Bad

If the end of summer has left you feeling a little blue, know that you’re not alone. Some people are just summer people. The sun makes them come alive, the beach becomes their second home, and they can’t help but feel like they were born to live in glorious, hot weather. When that magical season comes to an end, it can be hard to adjust.

While we can’t give you tips on how to turn back time, we can help lessen the blow a little. Here’s the thing: there’s no denying that summer is great, but fall is pretty cool, too—some people actually prefer it to summer! Here are 8 reasons why the arrival of fall isn’t all that bad.

Perfect for Playing Outside
A lot of people think that summer is the best time of year for outdoor activities, but the slightly cooler and less humid days of fall are pretty optimal for heading out for a hike, a trail run, or for an impromptu game of flag football. True, the days might be shorter—but you can keep playing through those mid-day hours that are usually too sweltering in the summer months.

Unofficial New Years
The real New Years is still a few months away, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t celebrate unofficial New Years. The start of a new school year is a great time to start things fresh, even if going back to school isn’t in the cards for you. Make a faux New Years resolution (without the pressure). Heck, you can even break out the champagne.

Get Ready to Celebrate
Bust out your calendar and start recording these very exciting dates: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Eve… That’s right, holiday season is just around the corner. It’s never too early to start practicing recipes, picking out holiday gifts, or planning new traditions.

Reconnect With Your Neighbors
Summer schedules are always a little out of sync, so celebrate the fact that normal schedules are falling back into place. Grab a coffee with a friend who’s been away all summer—they probably have some great stories to share.

Dazzle Your Senses With Nature
Okay, it’s not the beating heat of the sun or the salty smell of ocean air, but fall comes with its own delightful sensations. Take a walk and marvel at the crisp, colorful leaves beneath your feet or the smell of firewood burning somewhere off in the distance.

Easy Sleeping
It’s easy to romanticize the summer months… but don’t forget about those sleepless hours spent trying to ignore the stifling heat. Fall means cooler temperatures, better sleeping, and lower utility bills– at least until winter kicks in.

Seize the Wardrobe
The simplicity of summer clothing is hard to beat for some, but try to embrace the versatility of a fall wardrobe. Boots, layers, scarves, jackets—just think of the possibilities!

Welcome Back, Hot Food
Unless you’re a caffeine fiend, it’s hard to stomach a hot cup of coffee with the summer heat. The return of fall means the return of coffee, chai lattes, and of course, the infamous pumpkin spice latte—but it also means the return of cozy comfort foods, like soups and stews. Take this opportunity to brush up on your culinary skills and try some new autumn-inspired recipes.

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