How to Make a Disc Golf Course

The process might be a little long for building your own championship disc golf course, but really all it takes is a little help and some effort. Many great disc golf courses started out as just ideas so here for you today is a spark that will hopefully encourage you to build your own course.

By the Numbers
In 2004 there was roughly 1,750 courses registered on the PDGA’s Course Directory, and by 2013 a staggering 4,060 courses. If that doesn’t speak for the booming popularity of disc golf over the years, the drastic change from 8,575 active PDGA members in 2004, to 20,587 active members in 2013 might be a better indication of disc golf interest. Your average courses around the country can vary from 9 holes to 36, from 10 acres to 30, and although most are completely free to the public, new private courses are emerging with extra amenities charging anywhere between $5 and $20 for all-day play.

The biggest step of them all, this first action includes research on how a disc golf course can coexist within your community while keeping in mind the safety of others, the environmental impact, and of course the working budget.

Whether you are talking to the Parks Department, a City Council, or a private landowner, you better sell your idea right. Although a great community attraction, disc golf courses can find opposition from lesser-informed crowds. It will be your job to inform them.

Dr. John recommends using a professional designer from the Disc Golf Designers Group. And maybe it’s a good idea concerning all the environmental concerns, guidelines to be followed, and general time and effort it takes to build a sustainable disc golf course.

Call in the volunteers! One thing for sure, between pruning, tree removal, and tee-pad installation, a lot of work will be needed. Luckily, most of the enthusiastic disc golf players out there would be happy to help install a hometown course.

Although the word will get out around town of your project, let the nation know by registering the course and hosting a few tournaments. Your best bet on keeping the course in tact? Get a players club organized.

Why Disc Golf?
A big question you’ll receive as you set out on your endeavor for a disc golf course is, why disc golf? Luckily, the answers are obvious. Disc golf is a sport for all demographics, from young to old, and is a great way to get the community outdoors and walking around. Less strenuous than bike riding or running, but with more of a point than walking around the woods aimlessly, disc golf is great way to get outside and breathe some fresh air.

Even More Resources
Hopefully you have played a few times before you decide to undertake building a course. But when you do, a great reference to begin with is Dr. John G. Duesler’s “PDGA Course Development: Weaving Your Way on the Web”. In this informative and detailed article, Dr. John lays out the traditional steps for creating your own course within the community, and provides useful links to cover everything you might need to know in doing so. These steps are laid out as follows:

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