Tips For Spending Valentine’s Day At The Beach

Most couples plan to spend Valentine’s Day in a restaurant, but what if you want to do something more exciting?

If you and your partner love the sun and the outdoors, one of the best Valentine’s Day date ideas is a trip to the beach. It’s a great way to impress your partner, and it is guaranteed to be a romantic day. However, it is important to plan your beach trip so that it goes off without a hitch.

Decide On The Beach
The first thing that you need to do is choose a beach for your date. All beaches are different, and you will need to choose between public access beaches and private access beaches. Private access beaches are normally quieter, but you may have to pay a fee. Different couples will look for different things from the beach; couples who enjoy water sports should look for a beach where they can hire water sports equipment. Couples who want to relax should look for a relaxing beach with calm weather—if it is windy or rainy, the whole date may be ruined.

Make sure that you take the time to sit down and check out different beaches so that you find the best one for you.

Book Any Tickets
If you are visiting a beach that is close to you you may not need to book tickets, but if the beach is further away you might need to make airline flight reservations along with hotel bookings. Lots of couples want to spend Valentine’s Day at the beach, so you should book early before flights sell out. You can also save money if you book early; some airline companies will offer discounts on certain flights, and lots of hotels offer a discounted Valentine’s Day package.

Pack Beach Basics
If you don’t pack the right things for your beach date it may end up being a disaster. Make sure that you pack all of the basic beach essentials, such as swimming costumes, towels, blankets, sun tan lotion, sun glasses, flip flops, a bottle of water and a large waterproof bag. You may also want to bring some magazines, books and snorkelling equipment. This means you can spend the whole day at the beach without getting bored.

Plan A Valentine’s Day Surprise
If you really want to impress your date, you can also plan a Valentine’s Day surprise at the beach. A beach day is always fun, but planning a surprise will make the whole day more romantic. Check the beach out online to see if there are any special discounts for couples who are visiting on Valentine’s Day, as lots of companies host water sports events and offer free food to couples who pay to use their beach.

You can also throw your own Valentine’s Day surprise for your partner. Pack some candles, picnic blankets, wine and some romantic food (such as oysters, strawberries and chocolate) and ask your partner to wait in the car for 10 minutes while you set up. For extra effect you could also blindfold them and lead them to the candles and the picnic—this is bound to put a smile on their face!


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