6 Beautiful Private Islands You Can Rent on AirBnb

AirBnb is awesome for globetrotters who want to find houses or apartments to rent all over the world, anywhere you can think of. But did you know that you can also find private islands on AirBnb? Yep, they exist and have us dreaming of a private beach in an exotic country under a hot, summer sun. Check out these 6 beautiful private islands ready to be booked.

El Nido Philippines
For $381 a night you can rent this two-story island abode and lose yourself in private paradise near Palawan. The Philippines, especially Palawan, is world renowned for its breathtaking beauty. It’s more than just renting a private island; you get the powder white sand beaches, skinny coconut palms and turquoise water. The island even has its own mini rain forest complete with hiking trails for visitors to explore.1a 1c 1b

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