6 Budget-Friendly Western European Beaches

Are you searching for a budget-friendly beach town in Western Europe? Europe can be expensive, but luckily many coastal towns offer affordable accommodation and restaurant prices. Local and international guests get to save money while enjoying the best of western Europe beach culture.

Palma de Mallorca, Spain
Mallorca is a popular Balearic Island and offers cheaper prices than its nearby neighbors, Ibiza and Menorca. Guests staying in the city and the nearby beaches, Playa de Palma and Cala Major can find guest rooms for as low as 25 Euros per night. Many basic hotels offer all-inclusive fare, which costs as low as 45 Euros per night. It’s an ideal island to combine sun, sand, sea and shopping.

Lagos, Portugal
Located in the Algarve is charming town of Lagos. Lagos is known for its rocky shorelines and pristine southern Portugal beaches. Many high-end resorts exist, but for those who want cheaper accommodation, you can find guesthouses in the Old Town and near the beach for as low as 20 Euros per night. The local cuisine offers a combination of cheap eats and standard prices. This beach is perfect for those want to see giant cliffs protruding from the shorelines.Natural rocks at Praia Do Camillo in Lagos Portugal

Valencia, Spain
For the western coast of Spain, Valencia offers cheaper food prices and more affordable accommodations than Barcelona. The look and feel is similar than Barcelona, but more affordable. The grandiose beach is accessible from the city via train and offers seaside restaurants, Ferris wheel rides and streetside food vendors. You can stay in Valencia city center at a guesthouse for as cheap as 25 Euros per night. In the morning, enjoy a croissant and coffee combination deal for 2.50 Euros.west3

Corsica, France
In general, France is expensive, including anything on the French Riviera. Corsica is a true paradise for the beaches and the pocketbook. The French Riviera is nowhere as cheap as Spain and Portugal, but still offers budget-friendly accommodation. Hotels in Porto-Pollo beach offer rooms for as low as 80 Euros per night for double occupancy. Corsica is the perfect destination for the naturist at heart. Here you can hike in the mountains and relax on the beaches all in one day.west4

Côte d’Argent, Aquitaine, France
Explore the untouched beaches of Euronat, a non-touristy beach that welcomes campers. Get back-to-nature at the Euronat’s Eden-esque campsite. Family-sized tent rentals cost as low as 20 Euros per night. Euronat beach offers beachside cafes, supervised swimming and nude beach areas.west5

Sesimbra, Portugal
Located on Portugal’s west coast is Sesimbra, a small fishing village that offers a long, white sand beach. Guesthouse accommodation can be rented for as low as 25 to 30 Euros per night. Also, nearby Sesimbra is a Moorish Castle that was once conquered by King Alfonso Henriques. Nearby is a beach that contains the Saint Teodosio Fortress that once protected the area from pirate attacks. In this region, you can find affordable accommodations and cheap eats, especially the vino.west6

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