6 Coastal Climbing Spots

photobac / iStock / thinkstock.com

photobac / iStock / thinkstock.com

There’s more to do at the beach than ride waves, build sandcastles, and soak up the sun. Like rock climbing. If you’re interested in some real adventure, check out these coastal spots hidden all around the world.

Dalmatia, Croatia
The coastal country of Croatia is covered in mountains. They make up about 60 percent of its surface. It comes as no surprise, then, that the Dalmatian Coast is a huge destination for climbers. The cliff base of Hvar provides adventurous ocean climbers with one of the best spots in the world: Crown Point. You’ll be dangling right over the sparkling blue waters in a country that enjoys nearly a full year of summer-like weather.

Acadia National Park, Maine
Acadia National Park is billed as the home to one of the only true sea cliffs in the United States. The area is full of beautiful, pink granite cliffs with a dramatic ocean backdrop and has plenty of climbs suitable for beginners and advanced climbers alike. Fun fact: The cliffs of Acadia were used as the setting for the film “Shutter Island,” starring Leonardo Dicaprio.

Pirate’s Cove, San Luis Obispo, CA
Another U.S. gem is located on the West Coast in San Luis Obispo, California. Pirate’s Cove is a bouldering hotspot that is great for people looking for a little coastal climbing on the beach, but who aren’t quite ready to hang high above the water.

Dorset, England
England is a prime spot for climbers interested in deep water soloing and traditional climbs. Cave Hole and Lulworth Cove are two such areas. Many of the routes here started off as traditional roped climbs but have since become known for free soloing the cliffs. If that’s too much to tackle, don’t worry, there are still a few bolted areas in play.

Mallorca, Spain
Famous for its slabby walls, overhangs and roofs, Mallorca is another DWS hotspot with a ton of single-pitch climbs. If you’re interested in beach climbing, you’ll want to check out the eastern side of Mallorca, where all of the DWS is taking place.

Karabi, Thailand
Easily the most popular beach climbing in the world, Railay Beach in Karabi, Thailand, is said to be home to upwards of 1000 routes ranging from beginner level climbs to advanced multi-pitch routes. Nearly half of these are bolted. The limestone crags set against the shimmering blue backdrop of the ocean make this place a climber’s paradise. It’s become so popular that local businesses have sprung up to take even the inexperienced out on the cliffs. If you manage to somehow get bored with Railay, you can simply hop over to Tonsai Beach, another famous climbing spot nearby in Thailand.

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