6 Kayaking Adventures in Hawaii

Hawaii is packed with kayaking opportunities, from serene rivers to the emerald water of the ocean surrounding the islands. Any Hawaiian kayaking experience will be worth the journey. If you don’t already have a specific site in mind, consider of one of these top Hawaiian trips.

Napali Coast, Kauai
The Napali Coast is one of Hawaii’s most beloved destinations. Although it’s known for its Hollywood appearance, the Napali Coast exudes an equally powerful and serene atmosphere. Kayakers can paddle the coast, but keep an eye on the large northern swells.

Kealakekua Bay, Big Island
Most kayakers enjoy this area because it’s common to encounter dolphins. Bigislandkayak.com offers kayak and snorkel adventures to experience the best above and below the ocean’s surface. Paddlers can also kayak one mile across the bay to the iconic Captain Cook Monument.

Wailua River Kayak & Waterfall Hike, Kauai
People know the “Garden Isle” for its hidden waterfalls and off the beaten path trails. The Wailua River is Hawaii’s largest tropical river with easy paddling thanks to the calm waters. Outfitters Kauai features a kayak tour where you paddle and hike to tropical vistas including a 100-foot waterfall where you experience a quick and cool shower in nature.

Honolua Bay, Maui
This kayak and snorkel destination welcomes solo travelers and tour groups alike. With recent clean up efforts created by Surfrider and Trilogy Excursions, this region has evolved to become a pristine destination. Head to Honolua Bay’s Marine Preserve to snorkel with the local marine life. Summer is the best season to kayak, as the waves are more relaxed.

Molokai’s North Coast, Molokai
The north coast is a paddler’s dream, where paddling occurs amidst sea caves and sea cliffs.  The area is quiet and remote and perfect for those seeking to get in-tune with nature. Halawa Bay is an ideal place to launch kayaks in calm water. Molokai offers traditional Hawaiian vistas combined with adventurous outings for those who desire to explore hidden inlets.

Kailua Beach, Oahu
If seeking paradise and an authentic Hawaiian experience, Kailua is the top choice. Rent kayaks or book tours with Kailua’ Sailboard and Kayaks Incorporated. This picture-perfect destination features traditional aqua-blue, calm waters with the Ko’olau Mountains in the backdrop. Kailua and Lanikai beach have been voted as the best in the US for various water sports, including kayaking. Paddle with fellow sea turtles on your way to Mokulua islands for a day of bird watching.

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