7 Best Beach Towns for Parties



Beach and parties go hand in hand like the sand and sea. Experience epic nightlong parties that rock it just in time for sunrise.

Surfer’s Paradise, Australia
Surfer’s Paradise is a modern day mixture of all good things beach-related. Surf by day, club by night—Surfer’s fuses laid back Aussie culture with luxurious cafes, restaurants and bars. Surfer’s is noted as the “Miami of Australia,” where lounge and electronic music fill the streets just footsteps away from the shore. England’s popular Ministry of Sound DJs perform in and around the Surfer’s region.

Haad Rin, Koh Phangan, Thailand
Haad Rin is popular with its epic Full Moon party. This backpacker beach shines bright, day and night. Snorkel, scuba diving, and moped tours flood the island while at night the town becomes alive. Each month, under the full moon, tens of thousands of people from around the world dance on the beach listening to various electro-sounds of techno, drum and bass and minimal tech music. You can find everything from fire throwers to pineapple on a stick.

Playa del Carmen, Riviera Maya, Mexico
Playa del Carmen attracts plenty of European and Australian backpackers to these seriously intense parties. Beach nightclubs and bars overlook the ocean with parties lasting until mid-morning. Every January, the annual BPM electronic music festival welcomes thousands of dancers to party for nine long and hard days at various clubs located on the coast.

Ibiza, Spain
Ibiza is one of the most famous beach party destinations. Plata D’en Bossa is the main party town where clubs, bars, and lounges play electronica day and night. Highend and budget-friendly clubs host the world’s best Dj’s for parties that last up to 20 hours. San Antonio is the other party spot on the island, and has higher end venues, containing the popular Café del Mar, located on the sunset strip. What beach do you choose? It’s a tough decision, but Plata is the sunrise destination and San Antonio is the sunset city.

Mykonos, Greece
The small island in Greece is now a party spot for Europeans and the world alike. Often it attracts more men than women, but no doubt there’s plenty of flesh and flare throughout the coast. World famous DJ’s visit Mykonos and play at venues overlooking the coast.

Bondi Beach, Australia
The horseshoe-shaped beach is popular with backpacker and hipsters alike. Young Aussies and Europeans party at bars, clubs and lounges until the later morning hours. Iceberg is popular with locals and celebrities who overlook the breathtaking views while sipping on expertly-made cocktails.

Goa, India
During the winter months, Goa awakens with electronic and Goa trance festivals. Backpackers from around the world trample sandy shorelines wearing meditation beads and harem pants. Laser lights, fire throwers and glow in the dark bracelets shine bright under the moonlight as dancers release their negative karma. Natives travel to Goa to let it loose away from their hometown and temples without judgment.

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