Australia’s Busiest Beaches

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Australia, land of beaches, attracts millions of visitors every year to enjoy the sun, sand and sea. Australia integrates a mix of seclusion and active beaches, which are exciting to meet fellow sunbathers and watch locals surf the waves. If seeking busy and active beaches, look no further than these top beaches. Busy beaches also produce vibrant towns with plenty of shopping, café and nightlife, and Australia doesn’t lack any of these qualities.

Bondi Beach, Sydney
This one-kilometer beach can pack up to 40,000 beach bums in one day. Bondi is popular with surfers, speedos, and the occasional great white shark. The Bondi lifeguards patrol daily and can rescue up to 200 people from the shifting-current waters. This beach is so popular that a TV show, Bondi Rescue, was created in honor of the craziness Bondi and the Aussies have to offer.

Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast
The iconic Surfers Paradise is a popular tourist attraction amidst the 75-kilometer Gold Coast shoreline. By far the busiest beach on the GC, this three-kilometer beach is active with volleyball, surf expos and yellow-shirted lifeguards who wear red and yellow beany caps. The town roars with everything from café-culture lounges to strip clubs. Say “hello” to the meter maids who strut around in gold bikinis collecting money for the car meters. The beach and town attracts near 20,000 overnight visitors each day.

Cottesloe Beach, Perth
The disconnected Western Australia still contains busy beaches such as Cottesloe, which is one of the busiest west coast beaches. This beach is popular for swimming, snorkeling, fishing, surfing and sunbathing. Locals flock here to barbeque along the shoreline and enjoy award-winning Western Australian wine along the clean and pristine shoreline.

Manly Beach, Sydney
This popular Sydney beach stretches between Queenscliff Beach and North Steyne Beach. A stretch of rock pools are found near Shelly Beach and Fairy Bower. The beach is accessible from the Sydney’s Circular Quay on a 30-minute ferry ride, which overlooks the opera house and Sydney Harbor Bridge. This alone attracts tourists to enjoy the beautiful ferry ride, beach and quaint shopping town.

Bells Beach, Victoria
This southern coast beach may not get the jam-packed numbers like Bondi or Surfers, but is one of the most popular surfing spots. Locals flock to cruise the waves while visitors come to watch their rides. These first-class waves attract popular events such as the Rip Curl Pro Surf and Music Festival Bird Rock.

Byron Bay, New South Wales
Located near the Queensland and New South Wales border, Byron is a popular tourist attraction for sun-worshippers and organic-smoothie freaks. This beach is popular with surfing, swimming, SUPing and whale watching. Luxury has stepped into the hippie town to create a classy atmosphere amidst the current entertainment and affordable food options. Festivals, events and yoga outings are popular in this fashionable destination.

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