Best Fish Taco Restaurants in the US

After a long day of sun worshipping, hungry bodies and famished minds need to refuel. Locals and visitors alike expand their palates with the local beach flavor, which usually includes fish tacos. These top fish taco restaurants either use local or sustainable ingredients or incorporate their secret-ingredient salsa to create a one-of-a-kind flavor. When in town and looking to scrounge for the finest ocean flavor, check out these top fish taco restaurants in the US!

Five Hooks Fish Grill | Seattle, WA
After a long day of SUPing on Lake Union or kayaking the Puget Sound, head to the Queen Anne neighborhood for the best fish tacos in town. Although fish is the main catch, the fish tacos are mouth-watering delicious. The Pacific Cod tacos are their signature dish that also includes the special house sauce to “zestify” the flavor. Choose between grilled or crispy (indulge and go crispy) and for those who like spice, bring on the hot sauce. This maybe the best coleslaw you’ve ever put your lips on.

The Best Fish Taco in Ensenada | Los Angeles, California
This restaurant’s name is sure never to be forgotten after one bite of fishy goodness. There are three locations in the LA vicinity, but all unite with one amazing flavor. Choose between fish ($1.50 each) or shrimp ($2.00 each) tacos served with local ingredients and serve-yourself salsa. They believe the taco is all about the salsa, and feasters choose from a variety of salsa including radish, pineapple, mango, spicy guacamole and more. But what they believe in more is that “if it’s not local, it’s not fresh.”

Wahoo’s Fish Taco | San Diego, California
Visit the Point Loma branch for a fish-taco-type of time. Starting business in 1988, Wahoo’s expanded to several states across the US and serving the best flavor of fish tacos to come. They serve Wahoo or Mahi Mahi fish tacos, depending on the catch and served with a side of beans and rice. Their signature salsa fuses tomatoes, cilantro, onions and peppers, but no worries for those who like it hot, extra spicy sauce is available. You get lots of bang for your buck at Wahoo’s who consistently serves the surf and beach culture the best of the ocean.

Jawz Fish Tacos | Maui, Hawaii
Voted “Best Fish Taco in Maui,” Jawz can be found at Lipoa Center and in a taco truck somewhere on the way to Makena. Choose between Mahi Mahi, Ono, Ahi, Snapper or Shrimp tacos. The tacos are topped with a creamy salsa and served platter style filled with cilantro rice, cabbage and cheese. When in Maui, expand your jaw and Jawz, we promise you won’t get TMJ.

Taco Beach Shack |Hollywood Beach, Florida
Eat it up gourmet style, at this trendy indoor-outdoor restaurant. Choose between Grilled or Baja style Mahi Mahi tacos, which are topped with a signature cilantro cream sauce, cabbage, and radish, cheese and pico de gallo. The instantaneous flavor brings a “mmm” and a smile, and rightfully so as the swanky beach shack was rated the “Best Outdoor Dining” in a local Florida contest. Sit back, relax and enjoy the aroma and flavor.

Mercadito | New York City
Voted Best Food Pick in 2006 by NY Mag, these are considered to be one of the best fish tacos east of California. The beer battered and fried fish is delectable delight in NYC as owner serves up a Mahi Mahi or cod (whatever the catch of the day is) braised with a chive-habanero aioli and cabbage, or Mexican cole-slaw. This popular little joint is the perfect NYC place for South of the Border flavor and reasonable prices.

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