Most Beautiful Black Sand Beaches

Karl Weatherly / Photodisc /

Karl Weatherly / Photodisc /

When planning a beach vacation, most imagine relaxing on a white sand beach while admiring aqua-blue waters. If you’re looking for a different type of beach vacation explore black sand beaches. Black sand beaches provide just as much beauty and calmness except some require a coat and mittens. Black sand beaches are commonly found around areas with volcanic activity.  From the chilly Alaskan shoreline to the warm-salty Hawaiian sea, these the are the most beautiful black sand beaches in the states.

Black Sand Beach, Prince William Sound, Alaska
This stunning shoreline boasts a photogenic seascape of black sand integrated with glacial mountain sides. Although chilly and brisk, this beach will take your breath away with the fertile hillsides that intermingle with the glacial tides. It’s a perfect spot to view wildlife in their natural habitat with the ability to focus on serenity and peace.

Kehana Beach, Big Island, Hawaii
Also known as Dolphin Beach, this beach has its nickname for a reason. The shoreline hosts dolphins swimming in the sea, and if you play your fins right, you may have the chance to swim with the dolphins when calm currents are present. Or you can soak up the sun in the black sand with sunbathing, also a popular activity.

Black Sand Beach, Lost Coast, California
This 80-mile shoreline is a perfect destination for those who enjoy privacy and seclusion. Most people view this beach from the hiking trails atop of the fertile hillside. However, those with technical skills traverse up and down the cliffs to experience solo-time on the beach.

ryhalpal / iStock /

ryhalpal / iStock /

Honokalani Black Sand Beach, Maui, Hawaii
This beach is located in Wainapanapa State Park and situated amidst fertile, lava cliffs. The sand itself maybe rough due to the black sand pebbles intermingled between the smooth sand. Near the shoreline visitors discover sea caves, sea arch and seaside lava tubes. This beach is ideal for snorkelers and divers.

Punaluu Beach, Big Island, Hawaii
Lava flow once flowed into the ocean, which cooled and transformed Punaluu Beach. This is a popular beach to spot Hawksbills and Green Sea Turtles sunbathing on the smooth, yet rocky, shoreline. Palm trees border the beach, which makes it beautiful and tempting to bring piece of black stone home. However, it is illegal to take sand or rocks from the beach.

Blacks Beach, San Diego, California
Named for its black sand, Blacks Beach is part city and state owned. Located between La Jolla and Torrey Pines State Park, the two-mile beach stretches along 300-foot cliffs. It is best to visit during low tide to avoid dangerous areas of the beach, which can be submerged during high tide.

Kaimu Beach, Hawaii
Kaimu Beach features stunning scenery of nature creating its magic. Although dangerous currents hit the shore, it definitely is worth obtaining a photograph from the rocky shoreline. New life has formed and popped up through the cracks with ferns and other plant life.

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