Top Destinations to Spot Dolphins

What’s not love about a dolphin? They’re intelligent, friendly and exude a welcoming smile on their face. Many are enthralled by their aquarium tricks and acts, but to spot a dolphin in nature, swimming throughout the sea is one of the most rewarding sights one will experience. With over forty species of dolphins, the sea contains a world of dolphins exploring the planet. From land to sea, these are the top destinations to explore dolphins in their natural habitat.

South Carolina Coast
From Myrtle Beach to Hilton Head, the Carolina coastline and Barrier Islands are home to various herds of dolphins. Breaching and spouting maybe seen from the coastline, but to up your chances one can take a dolphin-spotting tour.  Blue Wave Dolphin Adventure Watch is an eco-tour company, which searches for dolphins and places a microphone in the water to hear the dolphins singing.

The crystal-clear waters along the Bahamas coast thrives with dolphins thanks to temperate ocean waters. Snorkelers and scuba divers may have a chance to spot them along reefs or sea kayakers may watch them breach out of the ocean. Various dive companies organize scuba tours, which visits popular dolphin-sighting destinations.

The country’s coastline is popular with dolphins and aquatic sea life. Island Broc is one of the most popular dolphin regions. With an abundance of ocean activities, it is common to spot dolphins swimming through the region or stare at them undersea while snorkeling and diving.

Baja, Mexico
The sea of Cortez is a popular dolphin and whale destination. The vibrant waters contain over 800 species of aquatic life, due to the near 30-degree Celsius waters in the summer months. The waters are clear, beaches are stunning – it’s a perfect destination for humans and dolphins.

Turkey and dolphins go feather in fin together at the diving center located at the luxury resort, Fetheye. The dive center, popular for sighting dolphins, is ran by one of Turkey’s most experienced diver, Colonel Yilmaz. Tours are available for novice and experienced divers.

Great Barrier Reef
Bottlenose, spinners, Irrawaddy and Indopacific Humpback are popular species in this area. Divers and snorkels are presented with opportunities to view stunning reefs with dolphin sightings between the June through October months.

The Big Island and Maui are popular dolphin and humpback whale destinations. Explore the passerby’s at Molokini Crater or spot blows from the shoreline. Spinner and bottlenose are most popular, along with pilot whales and black whales. Spotting dolphins is a special, Hawaiian treat, which is sweeter than pineapples and Kona coffee put together.

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