Top Nude Beaches in America

AlexZabusik / iStock /

AlexZabusik / iStock /

Compared to other western cultures, America is known to be more conservative, especially when publically displaying nudity. However, times are changing and liberal bodies are consciously deciding to flaunt their stuff along unclothed shorelines. If you’re ready to drop your shorts and get caught in the bluff, colonize with like-bodies at these top nude beaches in America.

Baker Beach, San Francisco, California
San Francisco, namely the most liberal city in America, showcases pasty white behinds at Baker Beach. The beach is located approximately a half-mile from the Golden Gate Bridge. This is a “clothing is optional” beach, where most choose the nude. The beach features spectacular views of the bridge, behinds and boards. Beware for sharks, stay in shallow water.

Haulover Beach, Bal Harbour, Florida
Haulover peacefully rests between the Bay of Biscayne and the Atlantic Ocean. The beach is part of a 99-acre city park in Miami, and was officially sanctioned as a “clothing optional” beach in 1991. Still today plenty of young, old and beefy behinds tan on the beach. Luckily, Miami is an international destination, thus flaunting exotic breasts and foreign shlongs. It’s possible to run into your beach counterpart at a nightclub, fully clothed.

Little Beach, Maui, Hawaii
Release inhibitions, while drunk off papaya and mangos, at this popular nude Hawaiian Beach. Here, you’ll find more nuts than macadamia trees while exploring the sun, sand and sea. Visitors claim the waves are perfect, so bring your board and shorts so you avoid the bottoms up experience.

Rooster Rock Beach, Oregon
The Pacific Northwest experiences several warm months per year. That means locals and visitors alike desire to soak up every sun ray of Vitamin D on their skin. Part of this “clothing optional” beach is separated from the family-friendly beach. Here you’ll find hippi-inspired individuals running around the coniferous shoreline, living life just like Sasquatch.

Hippi Hollow Beach, Austin, Texas
the word “hippi” alone classifies liberal minds and exhibitioner-bodies to enjoy life and the sunshine. Austin, the only true liberal city in Texas, homes yogis, vegetarians, Sikhs and mystics of all kinds. Outside of the bustling city is this rocky shore, combined with sand, shoreline, to experience life like a hippi. Walking on boulders, swimming in the ocean and sitting under a tree reading a book, while nude expresses the best of true hippies, just hope that these hippies have shaved for an aesthetically pleasing view.

Gunnison Beach, New Jersey
Although New Jersey is known for its sleazy Jersey Shore, implants and steroidal dudes of all kinds come to Gunnison to escape the conservative New York sea shore. People of all kinds, and with all kinds of parts, come here to enjoy the sun and liberal, nude life. Expect to see everything under the rainbow, which come in all shapes, sizes and colors.

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