Top US Beach Towns for Partying

No beach experience is complete without a party. Whether that party occurs on the sand or in the local nightclub, make sure you pack your sandals and dancing shoes–as your days will be filled with sunrays and nights filled with strobe lights. If you enjoy the sun, sand and sea as well as what happens after dusk, get ready to book your vacation to one, or all, of these party beach towns in America.

Isla Blanca Beach, South Padre Island, Texas
This popular spring break beach is populated with college students during the March to April months. Explore the public Edwin K. Atkin beach park, which hosts countless festivities and streets full of bars and restaurants. The beach also features barbeque grills. Waterfront bars and grills overlook the setting sun and the sea. The Wanna-Wanna Beach Bar & Grill is a popular place for those who enjoy refreshing beverages.

Ocean Beach, San Diego, California
Surf throughout the day and party at night–sounds like the typical day in the heart of local SD hippies. This quaint beach town floods with locals, backpackers and international tourists. If you’re in the mood for fish-n-chips and a beer you’ll find it here as the OB’s nightlife spans from dive bars to lounges.



South Beach, Miami, Florida
South Beach flaunts the best swimwear, art deco hotels and swanky nightclubs. Nightlife is a late-night party that comes with a bodacious price. Some clubs charge $500 or more for table service, thus targeting the overloaded pocket book. Cameo, Mynt Lounge, LIV and Mansion are some of the top and most unique clubs in Miami.

Panama City Beach, Panama City, Florida
The PCB is another popular spring break destination for east coast and mid-west students. But the partying does not stop after spring break. During spring break, students party all day and everyday right on the beach.  Sharky’s Tiki Bar and Spinnaker’s Beach Club boast the party-it-up beach atmosphere. College students flock to Harpoon Harry’s, “The College Bar on the beach.” For those searching for a nightclub, visit Club La Vela, which is known as the largest nightclub in the US. It flaunts 11 rooms, 48 bar stations and a 7,000-person capacity.

Atlantic City, New Jersey
This popular party town is located on the Jersey coast. It’s like a seaside Vegas. It offers free beaches, casinos and 24-hour liquor licenses. Atlantic City boasts a flavorful nightlife including beach bars, lounges, nightclubs, strip clubs, and music venues. The boardwalk makes barhopping easy and convenient for the 24-hour drinker.



Rehoboth Beach, Rehoboth, Delaware
Labelled as one of America’s Best Little Beach Towns by Travel & Leisure in 2013, Rehoboth is a musical bandstand during the summer months. Each summer more than 50 live musical acts and events occur on or near the beach. Although this is not a Jersey Shore type of town, there are still plenty of bars to enjoy life before or after the concerts.

The Wildwoods Beach, New Jersey
Also located on the Jersey Shore, this five-mile stretch of sand features more than sunbathing and swimming. As families ride the rollercoasters in the local amusement park, the drinking-enthusiasts flock to the bars, nightclubs and lounges. The party doesn’t stop until 3am in the Wildwoods and word on the 2010 street has it that a 24-hour liquor license may be instated. The beaches also host various music events and concerts throughout the summer months.