6 Breathtakingly Beautiful Aquatic Creatures

Ugly marine animals tend to get a lot of press (blobfish, anyone?) but sometimes we just need a reminder that nature is beautiful. Especially, as it turns out, in the ocean. From the Mandarinfish to the Regal Tang, we take a look at some of the most gorgeous sea life out there.




Hailing from a stretch of the Pacific, the Mandarinfish is a multicoloured gem boasting intricate patters that you’d be hard pressed to find on any other creature out there. Notoriously shy, it can be tricky to spot a Mandarinfish in the wild, much to the frustration of divers looking to catch a glimpse of this spectacular creature. Even trickier? Keeping a Mandarinfish in a home aquarium. These brightly hued beauties are fussy and often refuse to adapt to their new digs.

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