5 Reasons to Visit Beaches During Rainy Season

©istockphoto/Courtland Roberts

©istockphoto/Courtland Roberts

A lot of folks seem to think that once the rainy season begins, it’s time to pack away the bathing suit and sunscreen and wither away until next summer. That’s nonsense. Rainy season can be the best time of the year to visit some of the world’s best beaches.

Next time you plan your vacation, don’t be afraid of a little water in the forecast.

The Beaches Are Less Crowded
Your natural instinct when you hear rain is on the way might be to cancel your plans for soaking up the rays on the sands, but that’s the same idea everyone has too. That’s why you should head to the beach anyway. Chances are it won’t rain for too long, if it does at all, so you’ll have the entire beach to yourself.

Hotels Are a Steal
In popular tourist areas that fall victim to a low season (i.e. rainy season), hotels are eager to get as many customers as possible to help keep themselves afloat. A few guests is better than none at all, so they drop the prices drastically to make a stay more appealing. You can find some amazing deals if you forgo constant sunshine for a few downpours here and there.

Flights Are Cheaper Too
Not only do hotels drop their prices, but so do airlines. Particularly places like Thailand or even here at home in Florida will cut back on flight prices because their primary means of tourism are their beaches, and they know it. People are more willing to visit them in the rainy season if they can get a better deal for sacrificing a little bit of sun. Southeast Asia, home to some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, becomes possible for even the penny-pinchers among us between April and October when the rain starts trickling in.

Rainy Season Doesn’t Mean Constant Downfalls
The thing about rainy seasons is that they’re rarely ever as wet as they sound. Sure, you might have a couple of days where it pours with no end in sight, but for the most part we’re talking about a few hours here and there with showers before the sun pops right back out. So, maybe “Slightly Less Sunny Season” would be a more fitting term.

You’ll Explore More
For some people, a beach vacation means hitting the ocean or pool and never leaving until it’s time to catch the flight back home. That leaves them without any sense of what their destination is really about. During rainy season, there will be times when you can’t hit the waves, so you’ll be forced to look around to see what the city has to offer. This is the time where you’ll get to meet the locals and learn all about a different culture, whether it’s overseas or just a few states away.

Next time you’re considering booking a beach getaway, don’t rule out the rainy season. It’s cheaper, less crowded and in many ways can be a lot more fun. You planned on getting wet anyway, so what does it matter if some of the water is coming from above?

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