Beach Cruiser Bikes: Retro Style, Modern Performance.

Whether you're beachbound or out on the town, a Panama Jack® Beach Cruiser bike is the best way to get around when you’re ready to explore. Combining classic cruiser style and modern cycling technology, these dream bikes offer everything you need to make every ride a carefree adventure.

We’re here to set you up for an endless summer and the perfect laidback lifestyle, so we packed our Beach Cruisers full of convenient features and exciting amenities, from a “Perfect Fit” frame designed for maximum comfort to handlebar carriers, beverage holders, and bottle openers.

But don’t worry; our beach bikes give you all the convenience you could want without straying from the iconic beach cruiser design you know and love. Whether you choose a classic single-speed model or the added power of our Panama Jack® Women’s Electric 7-Speed Beach Cruiser, each ride will transport you to a place where the sand is warm and the relaxation never ends.

The Beginnings of the Beach Cruiser

People often associate today’s beloved beach cruiser design with the vintage styles of the ‘50s, but early models can be traced all the way back to the ‘30s. During the Great Depression, bicycles (which usually featured a thin, delicate frame) were strictly considered luxury items reserved for the upper class. Frankie Schwinn recognized the need for a new bike style, and he went on to create the first American cruiser. Pulling inspiration from motorcycles, these bikes were characterized by a sturdy frame, wide handlebars, a large seat, and balloon tires.

Thanks to the comfort and functionality cruisers offered casual cyclists from all walks of life, demand quickly skyrocketed — but it wouldn’t last long. After its midcentury heyday, the cruiser bike lost the spotlight to other emerging bike models, such as the “English racer.” Still, it always remained a popular riding option within coastal towns. In 1976, a Newport Beach bike shop named Recycled Cycles coined the term “beach cruiser” after turning abandoned cruiser models into a customized form of transportation for beach bums, surfers, and anyone else living a laidback coastal lifestyle.

Manufacturers quickly caught wind of the beach cruiser trend and soon began commercial production. The beach cruiser has been a beloved bike model ever since, and today, it can be found in shops, hotels, and homes everywhere.

Why Choose a Beach Cruiser Bike?

Panama Jack® Beach Cruisers appeal to anyone who is looking for a beach lifestyle, and wants a high-quality bicycle to match. Whether you’re on a leisure ride down the boardwalk or exploring stretches of shoreline, our bikes were uniquely designed to roll smoothly every time. With their wide tires, roomy seat, sturdy frame, and simple controls, they make it easy to explore new or familiar places in complete comfort, encouraging everyone to enjoy slow summer living.

While our bikes help you embrace a simple lifestyle, their design is anything but basic. To give you the best riding experience, we took classic cruiser bicycles to the next level, adding features that continue to convert first-time and experienced cyclists alike into avid “cruisers.”

Cruise With Panama Jack® for a Better Bike Ride


A Low-Impact Ride

The Panama Jack® Beach Cruiser packs a double punch: Not only is it easy on the eyes, but it’s also easy on the body. The extra-wide seat promises a comfortable ride, and the pedals are super easy to maneuver. You’ll have such a great time, you might not even notice you’re getting in a workout.

The Perfect Fit

When we say our bikes are perfect for all cruising enthusiasts, we mean it. The “Perfect Fit Frame” design places the seat a bit further back for a more upright riding position and full leg extension, giving you ultimate comfort throughout every ride.

Smooth Braking

Our bikes have braking systems perfectly suited to each bike’s design. Our Men’s and Women’s Single-Speed bikes feature an easy-to-use coaster brake. Simply backpedal to come to a smooth stop. Just as our Women’s 7-Speed Electric cruiser provides more speed control, its dual disc handlebar brakes offer more agile stopping power.

Deluxe Padding

Who said a casual bike ride couldn’t also be luxurious? Each of our Beach Cruisers features a padded dual spring seat and soft, cork-like grips to keep you comfortable during long days cruising along the coast or around the neighborhood.


Better Performance

Panama Jack® Beach Cruisers combine classic midcentury design with modern functional necessities. We replaced heavy, moisture-sensitive steel with lightweight, rust-resistant premium aluminum, so you can enjoy a smooth ride every time.

Two Words: Bottle Opener

Panama Jack® bikes are not your average beach cruiser. Case in point: Many of our models have a built-in bottle opener, perfect for when you’re ready to enjoy a refreshing beverage while you watch the ocean waves roll in.

The Coolest Carry-All

Our bikes have all the space you need for your beach cruising essentials. No more searching for a place to store your keys, phone, snacks, and sunscreen. You can stow away everything you need for the journey in a convenient handlebar basket or cooler. Our Men’s Single-Speed and Women’s 7-Speed Electric bikes also include a beverage holder for on-the-go hydration. Need even more carrying capacity? Strap your bulkier beach items to the rear rack of our men’s bike.


Ride in Style

Panama Jack®’s Beach Cruiser bikes stand out with their classic retro design and beach-inspired colors. From the bright blue of summer skies to the deep hues of the ocean, we’ve got the perfect Beach Cruiser to fit your personal style.

Turn Heads

Whether you’re biking around town or to a beachside barbecue, we can guarantee that you will turn more than a few heads with the vintage look and laidback vibe of a Panama Jack® Beach Cruiser.

Make Every Day a Beach Day

Whether or not you live by the beach, our bikes will make you feel like you’re on vacation every day. It is hard to pedal one of these around and not feel the upbeat, effortless vibe of summer days spent by the ocean.


Wherever life takes you, get there on a Panama Jack® Beach Cruiser, here to help you make the most of every outdoor journey. With unmatched style, function, and comfort, our bikes give you the wheels to embark on new adventures and embrace the easy-going lifestyle that has always defined the beach cruiser.

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