6 Great Family Friendly Beaches

ARENA Creative / iStock / thinkstock.com

ARENA Creative / iStock / thinkstock.com

Beaches, by their very nature, are appealing to grown ups and kids alike. That being said, it’s probably best to keep your children off a beach known for it’s monster undertow and bypass shores lined with sharp pebbles. If you’re hunting for a sunny spot that will give the whole family something to smile about, look no further than our roundup of 6 of the best family friendly ocean destinations.

Coligny Beach Park (Hilton Head, South Carolina)
Coligny Beach Park is a dream come true for little swimmers and their parents, too. Unlike a lot of beaches, this one features an expansive shoreline of hard packed sand that’s perfect for sand castle architects and calm, shallow water that encourages doggy paddling (with or without water wings) Tidal pools offer the perfect opportunity for impromptu marine biology lessons and keep curious minds busy for hours. As an added bonus, the nearby hotel offers organized beachside games which means that parents may just get a few precious moments to themselves.

Mayflower Beach (Dennis, Massachusetts)
While some parts of the Atlantic shoreline can be a little too choppy for the smaller members of the family, the tidal flats on Mayflower Beach mean less waves and more fun. Set your little adventurer loose with a shovel and see how many hermit crabs they can dig up or practice building the sandcastle to end all sandcastles in preparation for the annual competition that takes place every August.

Luquillo Beach (Puerto Rico)
Luquillo Beach is a little piece of Puerto Rican paradise that will leave adults and children alike totally and utterly enchanted. The super soft sand and warm, crystal clear water provides the ideal setting for long days spent wishing you never had to leave. Lifeguards ensure that everyone stays safe and vendors hawking local delicacies mean that no tummy will go hungry. Be sure to try the fresh coconut ice cream, perfect for enjoying under the shade of one of the huge palm trees.

Shark Beach (Sydney, Australia)
Despite it’s rather worrisome name, there’s no need to fear because Shark Beach is actually a bay protected by a shark net, meaning that there’s no chance of big-toothed predators getting too close. This spot is a hit with families thanks to its sandy shores, gorgeous water, and convenient amenities that include toilets and drinking water. Arrive early in order to claim the best beach blanket spot- Shark Beach is popular and tends to draw big crowds.

Bikini Beach (Gordon’s Cay, South Africa)
Bikini Beach draws surfers, sunbathers, anglers, and families thanks to its gorgeous white sand, stunning water, and proximity to restaurants and holiday accommodations. Settle in and take in the view of the Hottentots-Holland mountain range or schedule a scenic cruise or deep-sea fishing charter. Once the sun starts to set, head up to a nearby eatery and sample the catch of the day- chances are you saw the fisherman who reeled in your supper!

Argeles Plage (Languedoc-Roussillon, France)
This Mediterranean beach is 8 kilometres of blue water, warm sand, and enough shade to keep even the most fair-skinned family members happy. Despite its popularity, the beach tends to avoid feeling overcrowded  which is a welcome bonus. Should you be so inclined, there is a nearby camping spot that offers great family rates as well as a kids club that promises to keep the little ones happy while parents relax. The beautiful view of the Pyrenees doesn’t hurt either.

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