6 Great Winter Beach Activities

While the shoreline may be covered with a thick blanket of snow, there’s no reason you can’t spend some time by the water, inhaling that fresh (and brisk) ocean air. From cross country skiing to building snowy sandcastles, we’ve got you covered when it comes to cold weather beach activities this winter.

Create Some Snowcastles
Don’t let the white stuff prevent you from executing your architectural masterpiece along the sea this season. Rather than wait for the sand to reemerge, get creative with snow, sculpting castles, igloos, forts…whatever your heart desires! Round up your buckets, shovels, and some friends and make things interesting by having a themed contest. Just don’t forget the thermoses of hot cocoa.

Ski By The Sea
Long, flat expanses of snow make for near-perfect cross country skiing conditions. Throw in a view of the water and you’ve got yourself a winter wonderland experience like no other. Strap on your skis and explore the shore in a brand new way, taking in the scenery and getting a solid workout in the process. Not a skier? No problem, just grab a pair of snowshoes (or just some really warm winter boots) and get out there.

Build A Bonfire
Beach bonfires are the stuff memories are made of. The combination of good friends, gorgeous surroundings, and the crackling warmth of a roaring fire is pretty hard to beat. This winter, round up some warm blankets, dry wood, hot drinks, and the necessary ingredients for world-class s’mores and settle in for an afternoon of warming yourself by the fire with the sea as your backdrop.

Play Some Ball
What better place to host your first annual football invitational than on a deserted beach? Tons of space to run around, no need to worry about accidentally beaning an unsuspected sunbather on the head, and you’ll work up enough of a sweat that you won’t even notice the chill. If you’re in an especially wintery area, the added challenge of playing on the snow can add a whole new dimension to the game, creating football fans out of even the most reluctant would-be athletes.

Treasure Hunt
The combination of a churning winter sea and decreased foot traffic means that your odds of finding some pretty great beach treasures are significantly higher in the winter months. Keep it simple by heading out with a bucket or tote or opt for the high-tech option of renting (or borrowing) a metal detector. Depending on where you look and how patient you are, you could be rewarded with some pretty amazing finds.

Have A Picnic
Not just for the dog days of summer, a picnic on the beach is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Pack up some of your favourite cold-weather dishes (chill, soup, and stews are all excellent options), some hot beverages, chairs, and blankets and hunker down for a truly unforgettable meal.