6 Handy Beach Gadgets


So you have your spot picked out and your blanket ready to spread out. Let’s see, now what did you forget? Here are 7 items that make your day at the beach, well, a day at the beach.

Bubba Kegs
Bubba Kegs have got to be the single best beach invention since the beach towel. Whether you are out on your own or hanging at an all-inclusive resort, these marvels of the modern world will keep your drinks frosty and your ice iced. Especially handy at resorts that dole out their drinks in tiny plastic cups, these cut down on trips to the bar tremendously.

Umbrella and Chair
Most beaches these days have small time entrepreneurs or big time resort operators who charge for beach chairs and umbrellas. Why rent by the hour when you can cut out the middle-man and bring your own. Panama Jack has several small lightweight chairs, some with shoulder straps for carrying and with headrests and zippered storage pouches as well. Add in a Panama Jack clip-on umbrella and you’re set for the day.

Bottle Opener Sandals
This is pure genius. You’ll never arrive at the beach, ready to pop open a beer and realize you forgot the bottle opener again. These flip flops are not only fashionable but functional as well. The bottom of the sole has a bottle opener built right in, allowing you to save the day.

Waterproof Kindle
Everybody likes to read at the beach but books are cumbersome and can get wet. With the popularity of e-readers booming these days, it was only a matter of time, and countless destroyed electronic books before someone fixed that. Though we doubt you’ll be reading while scuba diving, since this baby is water proof down to 210 feet, you can drop it in a pretty deep pool and it should be fine.

Igloo Beach Cooler
This puppy holds 145 cans of whatever you’re drinking. They claim it will hold ice for 5 days in 90 degree weather which should keep your drinks cold at least all day. It has pneumatic wheel and a pull handle that should get you to any spot on any beach. It has a 100 quart capacity that means you could even throw in a few sandwiches with those beers.

This product is as iconic as the beach ball and way more fun. No beach is a beach without at least a few Frisbees flying around. It will not only keep you entertained but your dog will have a great time too. Frisbees are so easy to carry there’s no reason to ever leave home without one.

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