6 Wacky Water Sports to Try

Surfing, sailing, standup paddleboarding; water lovers have plenty of options for getting a little H20 in their lives. But maybe you’re looking for something innovative and offbeat to mix up your routine. If so, check out one of these quirky aquatic sports. Not only are they great for adding variety to your time on the water, they’re great conversation starters, too.




Perhaps the most intense, intimate ocean-going experience possible, freediving is the closest you’ll ever get to being a mermaid (or merman). While Scuba divers take the plunge armed with air tanks and other equipment, freedivers simply get as deep as they can as fast as they can while holding their breath.

For some, the competitive instinct kicks in. Breaking records becomes the ultimate goal. Yet for others, the sport simply provides an opportunity to understand the wonders of the sea unencumbered.


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