7 of the Weirdest Things Found on Beaches

You just never know what you’ll find on a walk along the beach. The vast majority of the time, your found treasures will be relatively standard—seashells, driftwood, maybe a piece of a dead fish. But that’s not always the case: as you’ll see in this list, some people have come across some seriously weird things will strolling their local beaches. Take a look at what we mean:

The Giant Lego Man
Finding a piece of Lego on the beach might be a little weird, but finding a giant Lego man is definitely 100% bizarre. What’s even weirder is that a total of four of these giant Lego men (each measuring 8 feet tall) have been found washed ashore: one in England, one in the Netherlands, one in Florida, and one in California.

It turns out that a Dutch artist is responsible for the washed up Lego men. The artist, who goes by the name of Ego Leonard, launched the Lego men as a guerrilla campaign of sorts. There’s even a short film featuring the washed up Lego men, called No Real Than You Are—a sentence that is written on each of the found Lego men.

A Whole Lot of Rubber Duckies
Rubber ducky in a bath: normal. Hundreds of rubber duckies on the beach: perplexing. Oceanographer Curtis Ebbesmeyer uses these yellow ducks (and a few other similar floaties) to model the ocean’s currents. He drops the toys in one spot and then tracks where they eventually end up. Some have traveled more than 17,000 miles!

Human Feet
Things took a turn for the eerie on beaches along the Salish Sea in Washington State and in British Columbia, Canada. In 2007 and 2008, beachcombers found severed feet, still in shoes, on seven separate occasions. There is still no real explanation for this series of weird discoveries, though a few theories exist, like one that suggests the feet come from victims of a boat or plane crash.

A Kitchen Sink
A kitchen sink was reportedly found along the shores of a New Jersey beach. This could very well mean that literally everything has been washed up on shore at one point or another—even the kitchen sink.

A Decapitated Teddy Bear
A decapitated teddy bear is just one of the many weird things that Michael Prince has found on the shores of a beach. This photograph has a website dedicated to archiving some of the strange things he’s found on a beach.

Lots and Lots of Whiskey
Let’s take things back in time for a moment: the year is 1941, and the inhabitants of an island off the coast of Scotland are feeling really, really lucky. That’s because 50,000 cases of whiskey have just washed ashore. You can learn more about this incredible story in the book or film Whiskey Galore—and if you’re ever in the neighborhood, keep your eyes peeled. A pair of the bottles sold for about $20,000 last year. That’s a lot of money for undrinkable whiskey!

A Message in a Bottle
If you’ve ever wondered whether or not messages in a bottle are, in fact, a real thing, here’s your answer: they are. Every so often, you’ll come across a news item of a lucky beach goer who has picked one up. For instance, last year, a German fisherman found a 101-year-old message in a bottle. The coolest part: they were able to trace down the original sender’s daughter!

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