Beach Therapy: The Art of Unwinding

Unwinding on the beach may look easy enough but some of us do take it seriously. No, it may not be rocket science, but there is an art to it.

Where You Go
Public beaches, at least any that are very nice and desirable, will be crowded and noisy. Private resorts are a better bet for quiet. Most beaches in Mexico and other Caribbean destinations may be considered public in theory, but since they’re hard to access they seem private. Beaches in the States are very crowded anytime the weather is nice so a resort with a private stretch of sand is imperative there. If vacationing in the Caribbean, find a smaller resort that is a bit outside of the closest town for unwinding.

When You Go
May and October are two of the best months to travel to the beach. The weather is milder than summer and the prices are lower than winter. An added bonus is the fact that most families with school-age children are not there. The summer months taper off in crowds due to the extreme heat and humidity. If you can handle heat and humidity, go for it and it will be way less crowded. As you get closer to October you are still in hurricane season so maybe a little trip insurance would be a good idea, since you are paying less for your trip anyway.

Who You Go With
If you’re planning on unwinding, you may not want to bring your party friends. For some, the way to unwind is with a good book, or a lot of naps. Others want to play beach volleyball, throw a Frisbee around, or ride jet-skis all day. Who you hang with on the beach is as important as where and when you hang, so choose wisely.

Where You Go Part II
You can still relax in party towns like Cancun if you pick the right resort or hotel. Adult only resorts will obviously be mellower, though if it’s a resort that caters to the younger crowd, you may have blasting electronic dance music to deal with. If you aren’t travelling with kids of your own, you probably don’t want to deal with someone else’s; that’s what adults-only resorts are all about. They are not necessarily wild party spots or nudist havens as some think. They just don’t have kids under either 18 or 21 years of age running around screaming, crying and carrying on; they leave that to us manchildren. Some resorts that are not usually adults only will have age limits just during spring break to ward off the college party crowd.

What You Bring
If you like music but not blasting techno DJs on the beach, you might bring your own earbuds and an iPod. Noise cancelling earphones work but are a bit hot and cumbersome for the beach. Bring a good book, Kindle or whatever device you read on. Bring a Bubba Keg or some other insulated drink container so you don’t have to keep going to the bar or waiting for service. More and more resorts are offering cabana rentals that offer your own day bed, privacy and shade, so consider upgrading to VIP for your stay or just pay a daily rental. Bring anything that makes you comfortable; just don’t bring your job, your problems or your stress.

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