Best Beach Cover Ups

Sometimes even the most devoted sun worshipper needs to take a break. Vitamin D absorption is key but as we all know, too much of a good thing can be bad news. Want to be sure that you stay sun-wise without sacrificing style? Enter the best coverups, meant to keep you protected, pulled-together, and comfortable. Sound impossible? Not with these options!

The T-Shirt
The humble t-shirt. Simple, readily available, and popular for a reason. Want to go from beach to bar without missing a beat? Pair a stylish t-shirt with your trunks and off you go! The Beach Comber Tee is an excellent option if you’re looking to step up your sartorial game without sacrificing comfort.

The Sundress
Thanks to their convenient all-in-one design, sundresses are the ideal beach cover up. Ready to leave the shore? Slip on a pretty sundress and you’ll instantly look pulled together. What could be better than that? Choose something light, wrinkle-resistant, and quick-drying for a maximum no-fuss experience.

The Sarong
Men and women across the globe have long been privy to the sheer awesomeness of the sarong. This versatile length of fabric can be wrapped around the body in a myriad of ways and serves as an excellent pre or post-beach getup. Pick one up on your travels or fashion your own out of your favourite fabric. Need further proof of the sarong’s coolness? Just check out a young Ben Lee extolling its virtues in Noise Addict’s My Sarong.

The Classic White Shirt
Not just for the workplace, the classic white button down shirt is the perfect way to look polished, even after a day spent in the ocean. Skip the starch and embrace wrinkles, it adds a touch of laissez-faire and makes your life a whole lot easier. Men can throw one over their trunks, sleeves rolled, top few buttons undone. Women can add a belt to make a simple shirtdress, pair with cut-offs, anything goes when you’ve got this wardrobe staple!

The Kaftan
Kaftans have been around for a long time (they were the garment of choice for Ottoman sultans) and show no signs of disappearing any time soon. Their simple design, excellent coverage, and user-friendly nature make them a no-brainer as far as beach cover ups are concerned. Channel your inner Palm Beach lady of leisure with a Lilly Pulitzer version or get crafty and create your own. Patterns are easily found online and tend to be incredibly easy to follow.

The Hat
While it may not be a cover up in the traditional sense of the word, a hat is an essential part of any beach look. Not only do hats protect your head and face from the sun, they serve as a great way to disguise messy, salty hair. Pick something with a wide brim for maximum coverage and opt for lightweight materials so that you can keep your cool. Some great options include the Black Band Toyo Safari and the Faded Stripes Ribbon hat—both look great and offer excellent protection. Can’t get much better than that!

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