Best Beach Hacks

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Want to make the most of your precious time on the beach? Of course you do. And chances are, worrying about your valuables getting lifted, dealing with the dreaded smartphone water damage, or fussing with portable speakers aren’t high up there on your list of  sea-side priorities. Check out this list of ingenious tips and tricks that will simplify your life and allow you to focus on the important things like perfecting your beach volleyball serve or catching that perfect wave.

Smartphone Saver
Whether you need your phone to check in at home, coordinate meet-ups, or you consider it as important as your right arm, chances are you approach bringing your phone to the beach with at least some trepidation. Sand getting into tiny crevices, irreversible water damage, and  greasy sunscreen fingerprints are enough to strike fear into the heart of even the most laid back technophile. Next time you hit the beach, seal your phone in a plastic sandwich bag. You can still use the touchscreen through the plastic and you’ll breathe easier knowing that your precious is protected from the elements. Why spend money on a fancy case when you have the solution sitting in your kitchen cupboard?

Sneaky Theft Deterrent
This tried, tested, and true trick is popular for a reason. It really works. Next time you finish a bottle of sunscreen, rinse it out and repurpose it as a sneaky valuable storage container. Choose a bottle with an opening wide enough to slip in your cash, keys, and cards and tuck it into your beach bag. Chances are a lot lower that someone will pilfer a bottle of sunscreen than, say, a wallet. Granted, this doesn’t mean you should be leaving your valuables unattended for extended periods of time, but it does reduce the chance of having your day ruined by a sticky-fingered beach bandit.

DIY Koozie
Save your next extra large soda cup (lid and straw too) and use it as a portable can cooler. Add a little ice to the bottom, drop in your can, and then add the lid and straw. The can will be concealed, kept cool, and you’ll get to enjoy a refreshing drink in the sunshine. Works well for any beverages that you want to keep chilled while hanging out in the sun!

Multipurpose Freezer Pack
The night before you head to the beach, fill a large freezer bag with water and let freeze overnight. Toss it in your cooler for a super effective ice pack and then, when the ice melts, dump out the contents and use the bag as a wet swimsuit holder. No need to worry about lugging heavy freezer packs home and your suit won’t cause the contents of your bag to get soaked. What more could you ask for?

Beach Jam Booster
Portable speakers are great in theory, but they can be pricey and the last thing most people want to do is bring electronics to the beach unless they absolutely have to. To amplify your iPod’s sound, try placing it in a bowl. Super easy and super effective. Another easy speaker solution? Cut an iPod sized opening in an empty toilet paper roll. Simply slip in your device and get ready to rock.

Say Goodbye to Sticky Sand
Another oldie but definitely a goodie. Next time you’re at the drug store, stop by the travel aisle and pick up a mini bottle of baby powder. Keep it on hand for the next time you find yourself covered in sand. Thanks to its moisture absorbing properties, baby powder is the perfect way to quickly get stubborn sand off your feet. Your car (and whoever has to vacuum it) will thank you.

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