Life is Just Beachy – Supplies for the Ultimate Beach Outing

Nobody likes to end up at the beach on a beautiful, sunny day just to realize that they forgot the sunblock. Now, these unfortunate beachgoers will either end up going back home (hopefully on their PJ Cruiser) to retrieve said forgotten necessity, or they will just end up looking like the lobster family.

To make sure that you never end up like the lobster family, check out this list of necessary supplies for the ultimate relaxing beach outing:

Never, never, never go to the beach without eye protection. Imaging a life without sight is a drab way to go about living. The suns brightness and UV rays can damage your eyes both temporarily and permanently. It’s also way more convenient wearing sunglasses and looking down the sunscorched beach instead of raising your hand like a hat and squinting.

So this one is probably a given because it most likely will be on the person before they leave for the beach. However; it is probably the most important thing that is brought to the beach. If it’s a scorcher, a dip in the ocean will be needed, even if a sun tan and a good book was the only thing on the agenda.

The sun can cause skin cancer. There really isn’t much more that needs to be said, but for the sake of completion, having bright red skin that hurts and the need for aloe vera get application is also no bueno.

Shade Device
An umbrella or a canopy will allow safe refuge from the hot sun. The sun is much more draining on energy levels than most people prepare for. With a shady oasis one can easily spend the whole day on the beach.

Books and mp3 players are crucial for a relaxing beach outing. Ball games and frisbees are great ways to relieve some stress from the work week. Active beachgoers need not forget their surfboards or snorkel equipment.

The towel may serve several purposes. It can be used for the obvious purpose of drying oneself after swimming in the ocean, but it is also frequently used as the glorious barrier between a wet body and the annoyingly sticky sand; making beach laying time much more enjoyable if not possible.

Beach Bag
Sand seems to find its wy into all sorts of nooks and crannies after a beach outing. The use of a bag as a barrier between the sand and your stuff will make life much easier.

With a shade device and sunglasses, a hat might be put on the backburner; however, a nice wide brimmed hat may be a nice style option.

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