Sand Castle Competitions, 2014

Perseomed / iStock /

Perseomed / iStock /

Competitive sand sculpting competitors don’t necessary go for the traditional sand castle and moat,. In fact they rarely go for anything traditional at all. From three dimensional landscapes to engulfing tidal scenes, from Roman emperors on horseback to immaculate Egyptian architecture, one word can only partially describe these works of art; creative. So mark your calendars for some fun in the sun, go see some seas-side art scenes, where Sally might be selling her sea-shells, and use this guide to get you going:

American Institute of Architects Houston Sand Sculpting Competition, Texas – May 31st
Open for all the public to watch, this East Beach competition in Galveston, Texas brings together some of the finest engineers, architects, and designers to the beach shovel and bucket in hand. With everyone aiming for the prestigious Golden Bucket Award, this contest is a fan favorite and a fun day on the beach.

Cannon Beach 50th Annual Sand Castle Contest, Oregon – June 1st
At 50 years, this is one of Oregon’s oldest Sand Castle Competitions. And with money on the line for the Masters category, you know there are some dedicated sand artists among the group. Catch this daylong event at any time, but the best views come in the moments before the judging. Don’t’ be late however, by high tide the next day the sand castles will all be but washed away.

Sand in the City Corporate Fundraising, Various Locations, Various Dates
Sand in the City is about three things; helping non-profit organizations raise money, putting art into the community, and expanding the sand sculpting culture. And they do these quite well. Currently partnering with various organizations in Portland, Olympia, Omaha, Iowa City, and Kansas City; Sand in the City is always looking to grow into further cities. If you think your city or NPO could use a blast of sand, check out their website.

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Sandsations, Long Beach, Washington  –  July 16-20th
Very accessible to the public, Sandsations is a collection of Master Sand Sculptors who are happy to share tips and tricks, and free sculpting lessons for anyone interested in the art. Come check out the pros at work, or sculpt something yourself, whatever you do, don’t forget to wash your feet before leaving the beach.

Revere Beach National Sand Sculpting Festival, New England  –  July 18-22nd
This popular Boston beach bash has 350,000 attendees for a reason. Interactive art zone, live entertainment, gourmet food trucks, firework celebration, and oh yeah, world class sand sculptors. Come check out the fun this year on the scenic New England sea shore.

41st Annual Virginia Beach International Sand Sculpting Festival, Virginia  –  Sep 26-Oct 5th
This ten day sand-extravaganza is protected by weather underneath a large tent. 22 sculptures, created from a mix of singles and doubles teams from an international field, will line the walkways and serve as a centerpiece of the Neptune Festival. Come enjoy the beach entertainment, check out the sculptures, and remember the SPF.

28th Annual American Sand Sculpting Championship, Ft. Myers, Florida  –  Nov 1st-30th
Come to the Sunny Beaches of Fort Meyers, Florida this fall to catch some tips from the pros, see some sand sculptures, and enjoy a relatively warm beach scene. A great getaway at the end of the year, this competition is sure to please. And if anything, there’s nothing wrong with a day on the beach.

Put some spice into your life, some sand into your schedule, and make it a point to check out a beach sooner than later. Whether viewing some art or not, your time on the beach will be well spent. But while you’re there, might as well check out some amazing works of human design before the high tide kicks in.


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