4 Relaxation Destinations for Your Next Caribbean Escape

 – Photograph: Saint Barthelemy / St Barts

With Spring Break upon us, many of our go-to Caribbean beaches will be turning up the volume in the coming weeks, inviting throngs of revelers to celebrate along just about every inch of shoreline. But for those seeking a more relaxing island escape, this time of year can be a tad off-putting. You may find yourself asking, where are those postcard-worthy stretches of untouched coastline, the secluded coves, or the laid beach beach bars, with promises of solitude and little more than the melodic lap of waves as your soundtrack?

Believe it or not, the Caribbean is still teeming with quiet spots for relaxation, even as an increasing number of travelers are seeking a livelier beach scene each year. Here are four of our favorite anytime-escapes in the islands that guarantee real serenity for your next vacation.


Nestled in a quiet stretch of the Eastern Caribbean Sea, this British Overseas Territory includes the primary island of its name, along with a handful of smaller islets that fringe Anguilla’s exquisite powdered sugar shores. Frequently voted among the world’s best beaches—thanks to the pristine quality of its coral and limestone sands, and its dazzling cerulean seas—this tranquil isle is home to some of the most posh resorts in the Caribbean. Take in the sweeping views of nearby St. Martin from the island’s southern shores, or explore its myriad hidden coves by boat.

Out Islands of the Bahamas

There’s so much more to the Bahamas than the bustling cruise ship mecca that helped put it on the tourism map. From the pink sands of Eleuthera and the surreal sandbars of the Exumas, to the sleepy harbors of Great Abaco and the Big Game fishing deep waters off Bimini, this chain of more than 700 islands and cays has something for every sun seeker. For the ultimate experience, charter a small live-aboard catamaran and explore them all, ducking in and out of horseshoe coves and hidden beaches at your leisure. 


Once home to a strategic U.S. military base, this dreamy outpost off Puerto Rico’s eastern shore shows few signs of its former life, and is today more synonymous with luxury and privacy. Just 22 miles long and about 4 miles wide, the petite island is home to a jaw-dropping number of spectacular white- and black-sand beaches and coves. And you can call one of them your very own for the day (or a few) thanks to the relatively modest number of hotel beds on the isle. For an evening indulgence, charter a boat to the bioluminescent Mosquito Bay, where billions of microorganisms literally light up the sea, inviting you for a one-of-a-kind swim. 

St. Barts

There’s a reason that the petite, French-speaking island of St. Barthélemy is known the world over as a bucket-list beach destination. From the yacht-lined harbor of Gustavia, to the white-sand beaches that ring its perimeter, this tiny elongated island—just 11 miles long by 2.5 miles wide—is a breath of fresh air from the moment you step off the plane. Considered to be among the most spectacular Caribbean islands both on and off the beach, such a dream destination doesn’t come cheap. But if you subscribe to the notion that you can’t put a price on true relaxation, this may be the place for you. 

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