9 Beach Gifts Perfect for Christmas


Whether you are shopping for a beachcomber or a beach-inspired home, buy a practical gift that you know will go to good use. When shopping for the beach-lover, look no further than this list.

Beach Cruiser Bike
If you want to surprise someone with a big gift, buy a cruise bike. No other style is more unique and cool than the Panama Jack cruise bikes that are built for biking the boardwalk and neighborhood. The bikes come with unique amenities such as a bottle opener and a wicker basket.

Stocking Stuffers
Whether you are a shopping for a surfer or an avid sunbather, stockings are easiest to stuff with beach gear. Surfing wax, travel sized bottles of sunscreen, and face/lip care products are the perfect stocking stuffers. Panama Jack offers various types of sunscreen sprays, oils, and lotions, so there is something for every beach lover. Also, high quality and stylish sunglasses are a must for every beach goer. Panama Jack offers various styles including sport, fashion, and retro styles. Floating sunglass cords are also available.

New Tunes
Give the gift of music. Nothing inspires a perfect surf or sunset more than listening to your favorite tunes on the beach. ITunes gift cards or small iPod shuffles make great stocking stuffers.

Beach Bag
Does your friend or loved one use the same bag for the beach and the bar? If so, buy them a designated beach bag. It’s never easy lugging things to and from the beach, especially once the bag gets sandy and musky.

Quality Flip Flops
Flip flop lovers tend to go through several pairs of cheap sandals each season. Try a pair of higher quality Panama Jack palm thongs for a reasonable price.

If your beach bud likes to read, stock them up with some inspirational reads. Online bookshops offer big discounts during the holiday season so you can save on book prices and shipping fees. Travel memoirs and surfer stories are a hit with beach book lovers.

Beach Hat
If your beach bud suffers from consistent sunburn, surprise him or her with a beach hat. Whether they prefer a fedora or a floppy straw hat, Panama Jack offers various styles for men, women, and kids.

Sundresses, shorts, bathing suits, and tanks are some of the best beach gifts. Luckily, Panama Jack offers beachwear year-round on their online shop where you can search the latest trends, styles and colors. If your surfer friend lives in a rash guard that is faded or has holes, give the gift of a new and fresh suit this Christmas.

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