Best Beach Gear

The best beach gear for your next summer escape


When we hear the word “beach vacation,” we think of an easy, breezy getaway. But in reality, we all know that preparing for a trip to the beach requires a fair amount of planning.  


If you’re getting ready for your next trip, you’ve probably picked out your favorite swimsuits and your go-to sunscreen lotion. But what else do you bring to make sure you have fun and stay comfortable under the sun? You don’t want to lug around an overfilled tote bag all day, but you want to make the most out of your day at the beach. 


We want to make your trip easier (and more fun!), so we’ve compiled a list of all the beach accessories that you’ll need for a perfect summer escape. 


Wild Heron Velour Beach Towel

A great beach towel is perhaps the ultimate must-have when it comes to hitting the sand, and our velour beach towel stands apart from the rest. With it’s ultra-soft fabric, this towel will keep you in plush comfort whether you’re laying out to soak up the sun, or wrapping up after a refreshing dip. 


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PJ Sport Flying disk

For when you don’t want to chill out on your beach towel, break out the games and have some fun with your friends or family. Our official size and weight flying disk is the perfect beach sporting equipment. And when you’re not using it, easily tuck it away in your bag. 


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Water Skimmer Bouncing Ball

Too hot to be playing frisbee on the sand? Bring the fun to the water with our Panama Jack water skimmer bouncing ball. Set up a game of catch with family and friends or just enjoy watching the ball bounce and dance along the water. 


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12-Can Insulated Soft Side Cooler

No day at the beach is complete without a cooler full of icy refreshments. When you’re ready for a break from sports or just want a cold beverage to accompany your tanning time, our insulated soft side cooler has got what you need. It includes an adjustable shoulder strap for easy transport and with a 12-can capacity, it’s the perfect accessory for a day out with family or friends. 


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Bill Collector Long Sleeve Performance Shirt

Sun protection has never looked so good. Our exclusive performance shirt features a lightweight, quick dry fabric and UPF 35+ protection, so whether you’re relaxing on the shore or out on the water, you’ll stay calm, cool and protected. 


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