Enjoying Your Four-Season Space

Close your eyes and conjure paradise. Go on…we’ll bet you it’s warm. 

Hey, ski bums and snowbirds alike, hear us out. 

No matter the season, or even the location, there are a few simple pleasures in life that come for free, and they’re the little things that make us feel most at ease. The sun beaming in through plantation shutters, tilted at half-mast; the warm afternoon glow of the horizon at half-past happy hour. Wherever you live, and whatever the season, these are the real moments of bliss. 

And, they’re all the reason you need to incorporate a four-season space in your own home.

Inside the Four-Season Space

Just what is it, exactly? Consider the four-season space, otherwise known as a sunroom (or befittingly, a Florida room) to be your year-round respite. It’s a place to cool off from the peak summer sun, with your choice of A/C or overhead palm-frond fans set to mimic a faraway tropical island breeze; or in the cooler months, a place to escape the frosty chill of the outdoors while still soaking up every drop of sunshine you can cram into those shortest days of the year. 

Can I Afford a Four-Season Space?

The real question is, can you afford not to have one? In recent years, around the world, we’re spending more time indoors than ever before. Work and school have turned remote, dining rooms have turned to desks, and month after month, our vacations have turned to staycations. In truth, since we’re in our homes even more these days, there’s never been a better time to convert a part of it into a dedicated space for full-year relaxation.

What Do I Need for a Four-Season Space?

This is the real fun part: your sunroom is what you want it to be, and there’s no wrong way to go about creating it. There are, of course, a few guiding principles to help you in your design quest.

Focus on Comfort

Choose textiles, fabrics, textures and sensations that make you feel at home. For some, it’s rich woods against plush white pillows; for others, it’s patterns of vibrant color that bring the space to life. Whatever your design inclinations, and no matter the size of the space you’re working with, just make sure it’s a place you’d like to sit and stay a while.

Orient Around Light

For this to be true to its “sunroom” designation, your four-season space should ideally have access to ample light, all year long. But don’t let your natural floor plan limit your creativity. For some, the most natural place to kick back and call paradise would face west toward the setting sun; for others, sunrise brings the real magic. Even north- and south-facing rooms can bring joy with their year-round indirect sunlight throughout the day. 

Bring Your Bliss

No matter the furnishings or even the finishings, this is your light-filled space to claim. Bring in touches of plant life to liven it up, along with your favorite artwork, throw pillows, whimsical objects—or nothing at all. At the heart of your four-season space, is the fact that it’s yours to use for solo reflection, family bonding, social entertaining, and everything in between. The only imperative? That you can call this your own personal paradise. 

Start Designing Your Perfect Four-Season Space

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