How to Keep Summer Alive in Every Season

The summer lifestyle is about more than just soaking up the season itself. Summer is also a state of mind—embracing warmth, light, and a sense of freedom, regardless of the weather outside. Even when the days are shorter and temperatures have dropped, you can still keep the essence of summer thriving. Here, we explore a few strategies for maintaining a summer-like attitude all year long, so you can transform even your coldest winter days into a celebration of warmth and good vibes.

1. Embrace the Sun When You Can

There’s no doubt that the shift to shorter days and fewer hours of sunshine can be challenging. In fact, a number of studies have proven that the lack of daylight hours and overall sun exposure in the winter can have an adverse effect on one’s health. This can lead to a number of medical conditions, from vitamin D deficiency to seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and more. 

One of the best defenses for this seasonal inevitability is simply seeking out the sun whenever you can—always making sure to apply sunscreen with Broad Spectrum protection, of course. Consider organizing your daily activities around the times when the sun will be out. For example, if possible, plan your free time for the hours of peak sunshine and use this time to run errands, engage in an outdoor activity, or simply take a walk outside; save your work and other activities for the morning and evening hours when it’s darker outside. 

2. Sprinkle Summer into Your Spaces

Since winter often means spending a lot more time indoors, you’ll need to get creative about how to incorporate elements of summer into your life—including your personal spaces. Here are a few ideas for turning your home, office, and other interiors into summer havens.

  • Personal Sun Space: Identify a spot in your home that receives the most sunlight, and turn this into your personal “sun space” with cozy seating, green plants, and bright decor. Use this space as a morning coffee retreat or an afternoon reading nook.
  • Indoor Gardening: Bring the outside in: Cultivating plants, flowers and herbs indoors can help you create a summer-like atmosphere throughout your home and office spaces, while helping you stay connected with nature.
  • Tropical Touches: Add elements to your space that are reminiscent of a beach getaway—for example, a collection of shells from a past vacation, or tropical-themed artwork. Infusing even small touches can help transport you to sunnier days by the sea.
  • Light Therapy: Consider investing in a light therapy lamp. These lamps are designed to mimic natural outdoor light, and they can significantly boost your mood and energy levels during the darker winter months.
  • Sounds and Scents: Create a playlist of your favorite summer jams, or even a collection of nature sounds to evoke memories of balmy summers past. It can also help to burn summer-inspired candles with scents like sea salt, citrus and coconut. 
  • Color Palette: Brainstorm additional ways to incorporate summer colors into your decor. Think: bright yellows, turquoise and ocean blues—even shades of coral and orange can add a fresh, summery feel to any room in your home or office.

3. Stay Active and Embrace Outdoor Adventures

Beyond cultivating a summer vibe in your spaces, it’s critical to prioritize physical activity. In fact, a sedentary lifestyle has been proven to have detrimental effects on one’s health, and winter is the peak time of year when we’re all more prone to cozying up and staying in. To combat this, consider ways to get moving, such as:

  • Small Excursions: Whether it’s a weekend hike, a day at an indoor pool, or a visit to a botanical garden, regular outings can invigorate the body and mind.
  • Winter Sports: If you live in a snowy area, embrace winter sports like skiing, snowboarding, or ice skating. These activities can be particularly pulse-pounding ways to stay active and enjoy the beauty of winter.
  • Outdoor Workouts: On milder winter days, take your workout outdoors. A brisk walk, jog, or even a session of yoga in the park can be incredibly refreshing in the winter chill.
  • Consistent Socialization: Winter can feel a bit more isolating than other seasons, so it’s important to stay socially connected. In fact, according to the CDC, social connectedness “can lead to longer life, better health, and improved well-being.” 

4. Dress the Part

Surprisingly, your wardrobe itself can play a significant role in helping you to keep the summer spirit alive. Whether you’ll be staying inside or heading out into the winter air, here are a few more tips for keeping the summer spirit alive:

  • Get Colorful: Incorporate summer colors and prints into your winter wardrobe with scarves, hats, or layers that can be easily shed once indoors. In study after study, colors have been shown to have an effect on one’s mood. Consider shades of green to boost your mood, energy level and creativity—all are linked to this particular color.
  • Bare Your Toes: Provided your indoor heating system is up for it, opt for comfortable, summery footwear whenever you’re indoors. Vibrant flip-flops or lightweight slippers can keep the summer feeling alive even when you can’t be outside.
  • Accessorize Away: Use accessories like sunglasses or a Panama Jack hat on sunny winter days to protect your eyes and face, just like you would in summer.

Get Ready for Year-Round Summer

Living the summer lifestyle year-round is all about cultivating both an environment and a mindset that focus on the best aspects of the season. From the decor in your home to the activities you engage in, each choice can bring you one step closer to a summer that seems to never end.

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