How to Make Your Home Look Like Christmas

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With Christmas just around the corner it’s time to start setting up the decorations. Not every is content with stringing lights and hanging holly, though, so maybe you want to take it a step further this year and design your furniture around the season.

Add Wood
One effective way to bring the season into your home is to bring the outdoors in, too. Furniture with a wood base and legs can help you bring that winter look indoors. In fact, the more you can make your home look like a log home covered in snow the better, as long as you match it well and avoid looking tacky.

Choose Christmas Colors
Traditional Christmas colors vary, but in most instances we can probably agree that red, green, and white are the big go-to’s. Thankfully, they all go together pretty well! Adding a touch of red furniture to a room with white couches and chairs can go along way toward making the room “pop.” Likewise, you can get the same effect by using green. Or, if you’re going for a more muted look you can leave out the white and simply pair red and green together with a nice muted red couch and green throw pillows.

For the bedroom, you don’t have to choose a comforter or pillowcases that showcase snowflakes and reindeer; simply choose something like a soft white blanket with green leaves decorated throughout like the PJ Lagoon Set.

Of course, if you prefer combining blue and whites to bring the snow inside you could always choose something like the PJ Coral Set. Sure, it’s meant to portray sea life, but the corals are kind of reminiscent of leafless branches in the winter, right?

Get Crafty
Nothing screams Christmas in the home like crafts. Now is the season to let out your inner artist and see what you can create to help decorate your house. Perhaps you could make a nice picture frame for the walls made from wood and covered in faux snow? You might try building a lamp with a shade covered in limbs or snowflakes.

The sky is really the limit here, and you can always get ideas from your local craft or Christmas store. Just be sure to not to get too far into the spirit, or it might come out looking for tacky than Tinseltown.

Deck The Halls In Paint
You could always mix things up with a few cans of paint. Decking the halls in red and green might come off a little silly, but you can always capture the winter spirit by using soft blues and creams. Brown and red actually pair quite well together, and can give the impression of turning your home into a gingerbread house when done properly.

Add Plants
Christmas trees, holly and ivy are all staples of the holiday season. You can flair up your home by sprucing the halls with a little more greenery. No, you shouldn’t park an actual tree in every room of you home, but you can add plants and strings of holly to your mantles and shelves. Feel free to decorate the plants with a few bulbs or other symbols of the season while you’re at it. You can never have too much Christmas!

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