How to Pack a Beach Bag

A day at the beach can be hard to come by, so when you finally get to escape to the sand and surf, you want to enjoy every moment. In other words, you don’t want to be running back and forth between your car or hotel and the beach to grab things you forgot.

Beyond just remembering to pack the right things, the art of packing a beach bag includes ensuring your stuff stays organized and sand-free! Here are some of our tips for packing your beach bag, so you can get the most out of your time by the ocean.

Pick the right bag

The first step to packing your beach bag is finding the perfect bag! If you’re extra cautious about keeping your things dry, go for a beach bag with water resistant material. For fashion-forward beachgoers, look for bags with fun summer prints, like Panama Jack’s Metallic Starfish Beach Rope Tote Bag. In any case, you’ll want a bag with plenty of space to fit your beach essentials.

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Bring the right stuff


Sunscreen is your top summer essential, so make sure to keep a bottle tucked away in your bag. For quick and easy touch ups throughout the day, throw in Panama Jack’s Continuous Spray Sport Sunscreen!


We know, bringing sunglasses to the beach is a no-brainer. But do you go for chic or rugged? You could bring one pair of sunglasses that make you feel great and another that you don’t mind getting lost or scratched. Or simply opt for sunglasses that are both durable and stylish, like Panama Jack’s Premium Polarized Sunglasses.

Lip Balm

Salt, sand, and sun can leave your lips begging for moisture. Be sure to tuck away some lip balm to keep your lips hydrated and happy. Even better, bring a whole pack of SPF lip balm in case a tube gets lost during your day out.


Hats are the perfect summer accessory. Bring along our Crocheted Toyo Sun Hat to perfectly compliment your beach wardrobe and keep your face shaded throughout the day. Best of all, it’s crushable so you won’t have to worry about it losing its form when you toss it in your bag.     

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Get organized

You don’t want to spend all day searching for your things instead of enjoying the beach, so make sure to stay organized as you pack. Take advantage of interior pockets or compartments your bag has to keep smaller items like your phone easy to locate. For bulkier items like your towel or spare clothing, roll them up instead of folding them to save some space!

Stay sand-free

As much as you love the beach, you probably don’t love sand getting all over your things. To protect your things from stray sand or from your wet towel at the end of the day, use plastic bags to keep items separated and protected. For a more eco-conscious choice, reuse old containers or purchase reusable ones so you always have a way to protect your snacks, electronics, and clothes from sand.

Pack extras

You’ve got on a swimsuit, and maybe a swimsuit cover, but be sure to pack extra clothes. You never know where your summer days might take you, so you’ll want a dry outfit that you’ll feel comfortable in after a day in the water!