The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Beach Lovers

PJ_LA_2 0266Festive lights and blankets of snow may make for the perfect holiday backdrop, but we all have that friend who would rather be soaking up the sun on the beach.

While everyone else is building snowmen and sipping eggnog, they’re listening to Bing Crosby’s “Mele Kalikimaka” and counting down the days until they can hit the surf.

It just so happens that we can relate to these summer-loving, beach-obsessed people. That’s exactly who we had in mind when we designed the items in this gift guide. Whether you’re looking to treat your loved one to clothes, accessories, home décor or something extra special, we’ve got you covered.

Beach Inspired Throw Pillows
Make your sun-loving friend feel like they’re at the beach house year round with a couple of Panama Jack beach-inspired throw pillows. These statement pillows are the perfect touch to any room, and they’re comfy enough to snuggle up against while watching a movie; just don’t be surprised if you fall asleep and end up dreaming of waves crashing upon the shore.

The Perfect Palm Wayfarer
The Palm Print Wayfarer is the perfect add-on to an experience gift, like a trip to somewhere hot or tickets to a music festival. These tropical sunnies are an updated version of the classic Wayfarer. Choose whether you want your palms on a pink, blue or white background. At only $20, they also make a great stocking stuffer.

A Hat Fit for Adventure
If the person on your list has a big adventure planned for 2016, get them something that will earn the “most valuable item in my suitcase” title: the original canvas safari Panama Jack hat. This iconic hat is more than just a dapper accessory, it’s well-constructed, extremely durable and perfect for keeping the you cool and protected from the sun. Deciding to gift this safari hat is easy; the tough part comes in deciding whether to choose the black, khaki or natural color.

A Beach Towel in Every Color
Know a family who uses ratty old towels at the beach? Treat them to something special: a set of brand new, extra plush embroidered beach towels. These vibrant colored beach towels come embroidered with the Panama Jack signature, and the bright colors will come in handy when trying to spot your pals on the beach. These beach towels come in blue, green, red, turquoise, orange and yellow, so you can have a ton of fun playing with color combinations.

Brand New Boardshorts
With the snow swirling outside, swimwear might be the last thing on your summer-lover’s mind, but once they unwrap a new pair of boardshorts, visions of surf, sun and sand will quickly fill their heads. You can’t go wrong with a pair of well-constructed, simple yet stylish boardshorts. Do a little legwork to find out the recipient’s size, and treat them to a pair of Missy Solid Stretch Boardshorts for women or Stretch Solid Boardshorts for men.

The Ultimate Beach Cruiser Bike
Got someone on your list who’s been extra nice this year? Spoil them with something extra sweet: a Panama Jack beach cruiser bike. The Malibu Men’s Beach Cruiser is as perfect as it gets: sharp design, comfy seat, rear rack for toting gear around and best of all, a soft-sided cooler in lieu of a pannier. For the lady in your life, check out the Flamenco Women’s Beach Cruiser complete with an Orange Tango frame with magenta details, a handy beverage holder and a classic wicker basket for assorted goodies. Who’s ready to hit the beach?

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