Transform Your Spare Room Into A Personal Oasis

Sanibel OccasionalIf you have a guest room, but rarely have guests over, it might be time to put that space to better use. Have you ever wanted a space in the house all to yourself, where you can go to relax from work, kids, and everyday life? Turn your old guest bedroom into your own personal oasis with these decorating tips.

Zen Garden
If you have a spare room with large windows or a sunroom this would be the perfect botanical retreat. You don’t have to plant an actual garden to relax in nature. Get an assortment of potted and hanging plants and fill the room! Bring the outdoors in with plush patio furniture, such as Panama Jack’s Exuma Sofa or the Bora Bora Occasional Chair. Add some color with bright throw pillows, and keep an assortment of magazines and travel novels at hand to truly escape.

Serene Spa
Have you ever wanted to bring the ultimate serenity of the spa to your own home? Choose soothing, natural colors and textures to decorate your spare room like jute and aquamarine. Get a plush sofa or chair, like from Panama Jack’s Sanibel collection, to relax in while you treat yourself to strawberry cucumber spa water and a warm neck wrap. Keep the room stocked with candles or incense, mani-pedi supplies, and a foot spa if you don’t have a bathroom attached to the room. Add a miniature waterfall and bamboo plant to transport you to your favorite spa.

Tropical Getaway Room
Go to the beach every day by transforming your spare room into a tropical getaway! Fill the room with bright colors, photos from past vacations, and a fun, tropical rug. Set up Panama Jack’s Island Breeze Card Table with a record player and enjoy some Hawaiian tunes. Accent the room with souvenirs from past vacations like seashell collections, macramé wall hangings, and bottles of sand.

Cruise Line Library
Turn your spare room into a nautical-themed library with beachy accents and bookcases. Whether you have enough books for one wall or all four, fill them with your favorites. Of course, you need a comfy chair to read those books in, so try Panama Jack’s Exuma Lounge Chair and Ottoman. Get an accent table for your lamp, and you’ll never want to leave this room.

Oceanic Office
Who says your oasis has to be all about relaxing? Turn your workspace into an oasis by personalizing it with beach-themed décor. Add color with our Explorer Area Rug, or sophisticated light with the Robard Table Lamp. Don’t forget to frame some photos from your favorite tropical vacations for your desk. Or, if you’re feeling crafty, paint a scene from the ocean and hang it on your wall.


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