10 Things That Will Add Life to Your Boring Fashion Statement

Having a boring closet is like being stuck in a loop.

You wear the same thing to work. You wear the same thing to happy hour. The same thing around the house. On dates … It goes on and on. You’ve followed the fashionistas, you’ve read the blogs from major influencers. But your “capsule closet” is a bland selection. And “sticking to the basics” means all of your looks are now just too… basic.

With constantly changing trends, falling out of love with your closet takes no time at all. One season you, and everyone around you, is obsessed with blush pink. Next it’s leopard print. Fringe. Florals. High-low cuts. Cold shoulder tops.

How do you cut out all that noise and really do something about your wardrobe? How do you add some life to your closet without having to buy everything that goes on display at the mall? The trick to refreshing your fashion is to create a style that really embodies who you are and the statements you’d like to make.

So, where do you start? Right here:

  1. Love your layers. Just like you have a layered personality, your outfits should have layers too! One of the easiest ways to dress up any outfit and make it stand out is to add different elements to it. Grab your cardigans, vests and blazers. It’s time to layer, layer, layer!
  2. Play with color. Yes, black is your safest bet. It’s a simple color that matches nearly everything and makes everyone look good. But the fact is, a monochrome wardrobe leads to a boring black-and-white life. Don’t be afraid to play with pops of bright color to really stand out!
  3. Your eyes are iconic … and so are your sunglasses. Having a signature pair of sunnies adds your own personal flair no matter what you’re wearing. Don’t underestimate the power of your pair. Just think, people still make posters of Audrey Hepburn and her classic Breakfast at Tiffany’s sunglasses look. You can do the same by checking out Panama Jack Sunglasses.
  4. Focus on the folds and fits. Tuck in your shirt half way for a classic “effortless” vibe. Tie your tees into a knot to add some cropped edge. Throw on a fitted blazer with everything. Starting to get the picture? The way things fit on you and the ways you can add your own touch with a simple fold, tuck, knot or tie make a difference.
  5. Let loose but stay balanced. You have to pay attention to your body. Wearing a baggy shirt with a baggy pair of pants will more likely make you look overpowered by your clothes. Try fitted tops with loose bottoms or vice versa.

  6. And on that note, play with lengths. A cropped top with a maxi skirt. Shorts with a long cardigan duster. Long sleeves with short skirts. This type of mismatching helps you find what flatters your body and makes a serious statement.
  7. Mix and match patterns and prints. Yes, every single blog will tell you this but no one tells you how. Step number one is to know that stripes are neutral and so are small polka dot prints. You can wear whatever pattern if you have a color that connects throughout your look.
  8. Zippers, textures, rips and buttons oh my! The small details stand out. Find that shirt with a pleather pocket. Choose the blazer with zipper pockets. Enjoy your ripped jeans. It’s all those little things that really help define your style. Will you be a zipper person? Buttons or bust? Find what speaks to you.
  9. Trim and paint your nails. Take care of your hair. And moisturize! A lot of people don’t think about the grooming aspect of fashion, but no blogger has posted pictures without their nails looking great and their hair brushed (unless they’re trying to make a point). Take care of your hair, skin and nails.
  10. Cut out what you hate. It’s okay to throw out clothes that just don’t feel like you, even if they were trendy or looked great on Instagram. Wearing what you love will make a bigger statement than you think.

With our 10 tops, you’ll add life (and personality) to your boring fashion statement and stop closing the door on your closet.