6 Great Dates for Couples Who Surf

surfer dates


When you and your sweetie both shred waves, finding the right spot for a date is easy. Combine the romance of the sea with your passion for thrills to plan your next special night together.

Beach Picnic
Well, duh. You don’t even have to be a surfer to appreciate this one. But if you and your special someone are spending most of your coastal time out on the water, getting a more relaxing view of the waves is especially poignant. The salt air stimulates your appetite. The shoreline beckons for seashell hunts. And you can always bring your board along, too. (Bonus points for sunset viewing and a shared bottle of wine.)

Who says you have to get all your thrills and spills out on the water? Since you and your partner already love challenging yourselves physically and mentally, you know you’re both game for adventure. Whether you opt to sail over a waterway or coastline or prefer to soar over dry land, there are plenty of cool tours you can sign on for.

Tidepools, Red Tide, and Other Oceanic Exploration
The ocean is a mysterious and infinitely fascinating place. Being a surfer makes you one with this amazing ecosystem. Learning more about the rhythms and natural phenomena of the deep blue sea is an amazing way to explore with your love. Tune in with the seasons and your particular stretch of coast. Stroll the beach hand in hand while watching bioluminescence spark the water or enjoying a grunion run. You’ll deepen your appreciation for mother ocean and deepen your bond as a couple, too.

Surf Museum
Get a good angle on this classic date choice by learning about the past and present of your preferred sport. Museums are cool, knowledge is sexy, and educating yourselves together is a sophisticated, fun way to grow closer as a couple. Your shared interest is already a bond, so intensify it while holding hands and viewing examples of early boards, videos of epic sessions throughout history, and other tributes to the world of surfing.

Cheer at a Sporting Event
The passion and excitement of live competition is unbeatable. Whether you’re growing closer by rooting for the same side or creating sparks by cheering opposites, it’s a great way to get silly (team colors? foam fingers? the sky’s the limit) and enjoy getting excited about the same contest. It doesn’t really matter what you’re watching. Whether the tail-end of baseball season, an NFL matchup, or maybe best of all, a surf competition.

Cuddle Up with Surf Movies on a Rainy Afternoon
When a late-summer storm hits, you might not be able to go out and play on the waves, but no worries. This is the time to grab your popcorn and some epic surf movies and settle in for a good snuggling sesh.

You won’t have to argue horror vs action vs comedy, because you both know you’d rather just savor the rad waves and radder soundtracks featured in one of these classic films.

Now get out there and share some special moments with the cutest fellow surfer you know.


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