6 Ideas for Entertaining With a Fire Pit

Having a fire pit is great—but sharing it with friends and family is even better.

There’s something about a roaring fire that makes people want to gather around and socialize, enjoying the burning flames and each others’ company. Here are some of our favorite ways to entertain with the Panama Jack Round 30” Copper Plated Fire Pit.

Campfire Cooking Showdown
If your friends think they know their way around a kitchen, invite them to participate in the ultimate challenge: a campfire cooking showdown. See how creative they can get with a fire, some tin foil, and a few key mystery ingredients. You’ll be surprised at the gourmet treats they come up with. The best part: after the winner is declared, you can chow down on everyone’s creations.

Hawaiian Luau
There’s no better place to be than on a beach in Hawaii. But when that’s not in the cards, you have to get creative. One way to do this: host your own Hawaiian luau!

A suckling pig will really set the mood, but we’ve found that a good dinner cooked on the grill will do just the trick. Pass around skewers of pineapple and let your guests cook them over the fire for an extra special treat. Don’t forget flower leis, tiki torches, and – of course – a ukulele for an impromptu campfire sing-a-long session.

Snowfall Celebration
What’s that – a lone snowflake falling down from the sky? Sounds like a cause for celebration to us! Call up your friends, cook up a bit batch of hot cocoa, and set out an assortment of toppings like marshmallows, chocolate chips, candy cane bits, and shredded coconut. Light up the fire pit and take the party outside as you watch the white stuff fall. When it starts to get dark out, not to worry – let the fire light the night.

Pool Party in the Dark
Everyone loves a good pool party, but we’ve got an even more awesome idea: a pool party in the dark. Pick up plenty of glow sticks and switch on the pool lights for the underwater party of the year. Have a stack of fresh towels ready for when the swimming dies down, and light a fire to keep everyone warm on land.

Thanksgiving Pre-Party
When you’re whipping up a full-on Thanksgiving dinner, timing is everything – and having too many chefs in the kitchen can put a serious kink in your plans. Keep your guests entertained and out of the way by sending them out (with a cocktail in hand) to the backyard. They’ll naturally congregate around the fire, staying warm and cozy until the dinner bell rings. Throw out a football or a Frisbee for extra entertainment value.

Fall Fiesta
There’s nothing quite like a crisp, sunny fall day. Make the most of it by hosting an outdoor party celebrating all things autumn. Host a pumpkin carving session – being outdoors means you won’t have to worry about the mess. Roast some corn on the cob, serve piping hot mugs of mulled apple cider, and set out some cozy seats around the fire pit for a festive, low-key get together.

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