6 Tips for Enjoying Your Fire Pit

Admit it: you’ve dreamed about enjoying a roaring fire in your very own backyard—and if you hadn’t before, you’re definitely thinking about it now.

A fire pit can spruce up any backyard, but it’s about more than just looks: it’s about creating  lasting memories with the people you love. To see what we mean, check out these tips for making the most of your fire pit.

Cook Up a Storm
Picture yourself teaching your kids how to make s’mores right in your own backyard—but why stop there? Start a tradition of cooking an entire meal over the fire. The options are only limited by your imagination: cook up some campfire burritos (complete with peppers charred over the fire), or fire up some steaks and serve with foil-wrapped baked potatoes.

Come dessert time, bust out the s’more ingredients or try out another classic: the banana boat. Slice a banana lengthways and stuff in some chocolate chips, mini marshmallows, and any other sweet stuff that tickles your fancy. Wrap the banana in foil, toss it over the fire, and leave it there until it’s gooey and delicious.

Bust Out the Guitar
Time to brush the dust off that old guitar: it’s time for a classic campfire sing-a-long. Sure, it’s a little hokey, but singing around the fire is surprisingly fun. Try your hand at acoustic karaoke, or invite your aspiring American Idol friend over to show off her skills. Believe us: you’ll enjoy yourself even if you can’t hold a note.

Your Morning Coffee
Think fire pits are for nighttime use only? Think again. Starting your day off by the fire can be especially relaxing, setting the tone for the day ahead. Pour yourself a coffee, grab the paper, and enjoy your java al fresco for a pleasant change.

Get Cozy in the Snow
All too often, the backyard only gets used in the summer months. With a fire pit, you can enjoy your yard year-round. Bundling up and spending time outside in the cold is actually fun when you’re huddled around a fireplace. It’s especially magical when there’s snow falling from the sky.

Camp at Home
You’ve heard of the ‘staycation’—now it’s time to try camping in your own backyard. This one is especially fun for families with kids. Pitch a tent, practice your knotting skills, and pass hours mesmerized by the fire. The best part: unlike real camping, if the weather takes a turn for the worst, you can run inside and sleep in your own bed.

Dinner Party After-Party
Dessert has been consumed, the dishes are in the sink, but your guests are having too much fun to leave. Now what?

This is the perfect time to take the party outside. A fire pit is an entertainment magnet: gathering around the fire is the perfect post-dinner party activity to keep the conversation alive. Fair warning: your guests might never want to leave – fire pits are known to produce a serious case of backyard envy!

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