7 Tips for a Chalet Chic Home



Winter is here, and while many of us would rather be curled up on a lounge chair at the beach, that’s unfortunately not likely the case.

You can book a one-way ticket to somewhere tropical. You can turn your thermostat up to its highest setting. Or you can accept winter for what it is and take it as an opportunity to create a warm, cozy feeling in your home.

It’s easy to add a little chalet chic style to your home. Here’s how to do it.

Bring on the Texture
While linen, seersucker, and chambray add a light and breezy touch to your home, adding some more winter-friendly textures to your décor will amp up the warmth in a room – both literally and figuratively. Start by laying a plush, wooly rug over your tile or wood floors. Pick up some chunky knit throws and lay them on couches, chairs, and beds throughout your home. Voila: instant coziness.

Call of the Wild
You can’t move your home to be closer to the mountains, but it’s easy to bring a touch of the mountains into your home. Look for moose and bear themed accents, like throw pillows or even artwork, to make your home feel a little wilder.

Mad For Plaid
There’s a good chance that your favorite winter outfit is a pair of well-worn plaid flannel pajamas. We wish we could recommend wearing them each and every day this winter, but we’re not sure your office dress code enforcer would agree with us. Instead, incorporate the coziness of plaid in other areas of your home. Try a new plaid slipcover for your couch, or even a tartan wallpaper accent wall in a den or a study.

Au Naturel
When you think of the ultimate cozy winter abode, you might conjure up images of a little cabin the woods. Channel that vision into your winter home décor by incorporating natural materials like wood and stone. This one is fun, because you can take it as far as you want: you can change your flooring to slate, or you can just pick up some driftwood salad bowls and serving spoons.

Embrace Natural Light
The winter months aren’t known for having an abundance of natural light, so make the most of what you’ve got. Ensure that your windows are scrubbed – inside and out — so that any light that comes in isn’t being filtered by a layer of scum. Place mirrors to strategically reflect light, and pull back curtains so that you don’t miss a single drop of precious sunshine.

Call Upon Candles
After the sun goes down (far, far too early), do your best to keep the lighting soft and natural. Switch off the overhead lights and load up on candles. A cluster of candles creates a dreamy, cozy feeling in any room – try it to light up your dining room table to create an especially intimate meal. On a similar note, if you’ve got a fireplace, use it as often as possible!

Very Vintage
If the idea of a ski-in ski-out cabin sounds pretty good to you, scout out vintage ski resort town posters and photos. Many classic ski resorts have some gorgeous old-school advertisement posters. Scope a few out online to add a distinctly chalet vibe to your walls.

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