Don’t Put Away Your Summer Clothes

swongpiriyapornIs your fashion sense suffocating under that puffy coat? Coastal dwellers don’t have much of a delineation between summer and winter wardrobes—they just add a layer to their summer clothes. No matter what the temperature, here’s how to wear your summer wear:

Who doesn’t love their easy slip-on rubber sandals? If you like pushing against the norm—or don’t mind being the source of ridicule—you can hang on to the ubiquitous footwear of summer with tabi socks. Tabi socks are traditional Japanese split-toe socks that have been part of functional fashion since the sixteenth century. Surfers long ago realized that by wearing tabi socks they can wear their flipflops all year—therefore tabi socks now come in fun colors and various thicknesses that range from lightweight cotton to heavy wool.

Short Summer Skirts and Dresses
Pair above-the-knee summer skirts and dresses with solid or patterned leggings and knee-high boots for a girly way to keep summer alive through the cold months. On top, add a long cotton t-shirt that peeks out beneath a warm cashmere sweater or a long sleeve shirt with a cropped jacket. The key to this look is layers, layer, layers.

Maxi Dresses
Oh the maxi dress, the comfy out-in-public pajamas of beach girls everywhere. Wear your floor-length cotton dresses all year by layering with wool tights underneath and a button-down cardigan on top. Pair with a chunky wool infinity scarf and colorful Mary Janes. If you need more warmth, go for a thin cashmere pullover with a fun cropped jacket on top. A thin full-length silk slip keeps the dress from clinging to the tights without adding bulk.

Crisp shorts combine with the same color solid tights and booties for a preppy mild-weather ensemble. Add a sweater and collared shirt on top. To avoid looking like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, keep all of your elements classic and in the same color family.

Capri’s aren’t just for summer any more! There’s no better way to show off fierce ankle-height boots or head-turning high heels than Capri pants. Keep it simple on top with a soft sweater or silk blouse and accessorize with an envelope clutch or wristlet.

Beach Tunics
Start with leggings and a long sleeve t-shirt in matching colors then add your favorite cotton beach coverup. Pair with flats for a casual, fun look.

Wearing white after labor day is an outdated fashion rule. Today summer whites become winter whites as soon as the temperature drops. You may not be warm enough in linen, but white handbags, shoes, dresses and jeans look great with winter wools in bright pops of color. The key to wearing white off season is to make it look warm.

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