How To Bring Summer Into Your Workspace


Spending the months leading up to summer under fluorescent lights can be a bitter pill to swallow. For summer-lovers, colder temperatures can make time at the office that much harder. Here we help you bring a little bit of the beach to your cubicle, desk, or home office.

Update Your Wall of Selfies
The memos and sticky notes tacked to your cubicle walls may be important, but they hardly inspire feelings of warmth and relaxation. Try surrounding yourself with images that bring you back to the lazy days of summer. Whether it’s a few souvenir postcards or snaps from your last tropical getaway, those beach pictures mixed in with all of your important passwords will help center you in moments of stress.

Incorporate Coastal Elements
A few seashells arranged on the corner of your desk, some sea glass in a vase—it doesn’t take much to make an otherwise uninspired space feel decidedly bright. By adding some beachy elements to your workspace, not only will you constantly remind yourself of your happy place, you’re adding some much-needed natural energy to a space often dominated by the buzz of electronics.

Just Add Art
Nothing changes a room for the better quite like a great piece of art. By adding a beach-themed canvas or fine art photo, you’ll have a constant focal point that will keep you grounded no matter how dark your day gets. Looking for inspiration? It just so happens that Panama Jack has some gorgeous pieces to choose from.

Try Some Summer Sipping
While we can’t recommend blending up margaritas next to the copier, there are great ways to quench your thirst and remind your taste buds of warmer times all at once. Try brewing some tropical tea (most major brands offer some tasty blends) or squeeze some lime into your water. You could even prepare a smoothie at home to sip during the day. Not only does it taste amazing, it’s an excellent way to meet your daily fruit and veg requirement. Bottoms up!

Crank Up The Beach Tunes
Nothing has the power to change your mood quite like music. Next time you’re feeling the winter blues creep into your workday, pop in your earbuds and listen to your summer playlist. Whether it’s tunes that remind you of the warmer months or classic beach jams, it’s hard to stay down when you’ve got upbeat music filling your head.


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