6 of the Best Places to Freedive

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Freediving is an intense sport, which requires technical skills, strong lungs, and a steady mind. This sport is not for everybody and is potentially dangerous for those who are not well trained. Freediving consists of plunging deep into the ocean, all while holding one breath. If seeking a once in a breath-time opportunity, explore these places, tours, and trips that offer freediving for every level.

Raja Ampat, Indonesia
Raja Ampat may be considered one of the best diving spots in the world. Divers who hold their breath long enough get to experience the sea flourish with life and vibrant colors. Various tour companies flock here in search of the best diving and freediving spot and the life above the ocean is just as beautiful and serene as it is below.

Apneista Freediving and Yoga, Bali
Apneista is known for “tailoring the universal to suit the individual.” For those with curiosity to explore the ocean’s depth, divers choose between freedive courses or trips around Bali and Indonesia. The professional dive staff teaches the level 1-3, monofin and master courses. Below the ocean’s surface one explores the serene stillness of the great big blue ocean while possibly swimming into aquatic life such as rays, fish and turtles. Combining yoga is an excellent method to keep the mind calm and meditative while freediving.

The Bahamas features crystal clear waters and fertile ocean life. Free divers, especially those who wear a monofin, may dive and swim with one of the many residential dolphin pods that surround the islands. Bahamas Adventure Tours feature freedive trips including coral head lessons, conch diving and spear fishing while free diving.

Believe it or not, freediving is extremely popular in Italy. It might have something to do with the pristine coastlines and the the former world depth record-holder, Umberto Pelizzari, being Italian. The popular spots are usually between the islands of Sardinia, Capri, and Sicily.

Although political messes have altered tourism, the ocean is safe, serene, and sound with freedivers. Freedive Egypt features courses in Hurghada, Red Sea Egypt. Dahab, Egypt is another popular place to connect and be one with the ocean. It is not uncommon to freedive with a school of dolphins or between towers of coral reef.

The island country, Australia, comprises of endless shorelines and deep waters to freedive. Freedive seekers can book training through Freedive Downunder, with courses taught from Australia’s deepest freediver, Ben Noble. Freedive opportunities are endless as the training is translatable toward surfers, scuba divers, photographers and spear fishermen.

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