Our Top 5 Places to Enjoy Earth Day

Earth Day 2021 is coming Thursday, April 22. Do you know where in the world you’ll be spending it? 

While we know that the world isn’t completely up and running for travel, here are just a few of our favorite far-flung spots for admiring Earth’s beauty. Plan a visit in honor of Earth Day, or dream about visiting in the future. 

Note: These destinations are currently welcoming citizens from the United States, but certain conditions and restrictions may apply. Check with local authorities for the latest travel regulations and updates. 


Why we love it: This Dutch Caribbean island between Aruba and Bonaire is famed for its expansive coral reefs rich with marine life, turquoise waters, and stunning beaches tucked into postcard coves. 

Don’t miss: Visiting Shete Boka National Park and viewing the sunset over Willemstad, the island’s capital city decorated with colorful architecture. 

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Why we love it: Some of Europe’s most striking, clear water beaches are in Albania, as are pristine mountain ranges and UNESCO World Heritage castles. 

Don’t miss: Trekking the Peaks of the Balkans, rafting in Osumi Canyon, or stretching out on a beach along the Meditterranean coast’s famous Albanian Riviera. 

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Costa Rica

Why we love it: Costa Rica packs a bounty of natural wonders in a relatively tiny land mass including six different types of forests, wildlife that can’t be seen anywhere else in the world, and—of course—beaches upon beaches. 

Don’t miss: Experiencing the mysterious fog of the Monteverde Cloud Forest Preserve, riding some of the world’s most thrilling surf, or canoeing through the Damas Island mangroves to see some wildlife. 

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The Maldives

Why we love it: The Maldivian archipelago sits on the equator, where the sun is exceptionally strong and the stunning beaches and emerald waters seem to stretch on for days. 

Don’t miss: Visiting the Vaadhoo Island’s shore at night to view the magical light show known as bioluminescent plankton, or snorkeling to get face-to-face with this paradise’s extraordinary marine life.  

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Why we love it: This West African country packs in dramatic landscapes, waterfall-covered mountains, and an endless display of dunes across the Sahara. 

Don’t miss: Kayaking or kitesurfing Sine-Saloum, a protected marine environment and UNESCO World Heritage Site with prime birdwatching, or fishing in one of the world’s most popular fishing destinations. 

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