Surfing in Lima, Peru


It may not be as famous as Hawaii or Australia for surfing, but on any given day, there are scores if not hundreds of surfers riding waves down below the cliffs of Lima.

Lots to Pick From
Northern and Southern Peru are known to have some of the world’s best surfing, but the Lima beaches are very popular in their own right. With 250 kilometers of surf available from Lima and going south, there are many options to choose from. Though the southern parts of Peru offer many varied options in difficulty, Lima is a great place to start off.

The Beaches
While some of the world’s best surfing is found to the north and south off the coast of Peru, Lima—Peru’s largest city—has several beaches that are very popular. There is even a beach named Waikiki in the Miraflores district on the coast. Supposedly named by a sugarcane heir named Carlos Dogny, Waikiki also hosts the Waikiki Surf Club, founded in the 1920s and one of the oldest surf clubs in the world. This beach, along with Playa Makaja in Miraflores, are both usually full of surfers every day of the week.

Get Schooled
Both these beaches offer gentle, consistent waves which are perfect for learning to surf. While you will find many beginners trying on their own, several schools including Pukana Surf School offer lessons for very reasonable prices. A 1-hour lesson can be had for around 100 Soles, which is about $33 USD.

The Climate
The weather in Lima is unlike anywhere else in the world—it’s said that it hasn’t rained there in 40,000 years. There is usually a mist that blows from the ocean, slightly wetting the roads and sidewalks, but that’s it. No matter how cloudy it may look, it’s not going to rain. Though this is considered a desert area, the city is green and vibrant due to the constant misting from the ocean. The temperatures are usually around 74 degrees, making it pleasant year round. The water is cold, so wetsuits are highly desirable, if not required.

Life’s a Beach
The beaches are black and rocky; not exactly suited for sunbathing, but folks do it anyway. The surf is steady and consistent, though. Along with the steady weather patterns, these conditions explain why the surf is busy every single day of the year. You’re not going to get rained on, you’re not going to overheat, and the steady, consistent surf makes for a great place to learn or train.

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