Top Cruise Bike Beach Towns

Cruise bikes are the perfect blend of style and functionality, which is ideal for the fashionable beach-goer. The cruise bike cultivates riding as an experience and not just a mode of transportation. Rejuvenate your spirit as you cruise along smooth shorelines and sandy boardwalks. Strap on your basket and slap on your sunscreen as you pedal, or cruise, the best cruise bike beach towns.

Long Beach, Washington
Long Beach is a flat out favorite for two wheels. This Washington beach welcomes cruise bikes on the beach and trails. With countless miles of sand, sea and sidewalks enjoy smooth coasting on the relatively flat terrain, which is perfect for cruisers. If you love clams, ride along during clam digging season for a favorite northwest activity. Watch out for whale spouts in the distance. Rentals are available at local shops or hotels.

Long Beach, CaliforniaLong Beach is So-Cal’s giant playground packed with action, which is perfect for the people-watching cruiser. Coast along shorelines and historic streets to experience an urban meets nature exploration. features various itineraries and downloadable maps to fit a variety of interests and fitness levels. One of the most popular is the 3.1-mile Shoreline bike path, which features wide lanes and extensive seaside views.

Mission Bay Beach, San Diego, CaliforniaMission Bay Beach is an exciting location for surfers, sunbathers and bikers. Cruise along the flat 12-mile bike path, which leads from the shorelines to the interior of the bay overlooking water, sand and parks. It’s an ideal ride for those who like to stop in town for a latte or a burrito to restore energy before further cruising.

Miami, FloridaMiami is a year-round biking paradise thanks to warm winters and hot summers. Cruise along the South Beach shorelines or the Key Biscayne Island streets. features detailed bike route map to offer cruisers various itinerary options. Beaches, gardens, art districts and high-end shopping are waiting for you and your stylish cruiser to make an appearance in ritzy Miami.

Myrtle Beach, South CarolinaThe MB offers various bike lanes and paths throughout the city. Some of the best beach biking is located at Sunset Beach. Bikers coast along the shoreline and backwaters on the Intracoastal Waterway. In Myrtle Beach, stick toward the shoreline to find several miles of bike-friendly lanes. Oh and you may want to actually stop and take a dip in the ocean.

Jersey Shore, New JerseyNothing says saltwater taffy and cruise bikes more than the Jersey Shore. Coast the shore and city streets in your best bathing suit and sunglasses while you explore the best rides, sights and shops on the shore. The shore features short and flat trails, which are perfect for the leisurely cruiser. Although the shore is seasonal-biking, an abundance of fancy cruisers are seen throughout the warm months.

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